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Are you going somewhere this summer? Summer is a great time to travel! Many people take time off in the summer to enjoy the nice weather, spend time with family and go somewhere new. Last year, AAA estimated that 36.1 million Americans would travel more than 50 miles over Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer travel season and 34.7 million would take a trip to wrap up the summer over Labor Day weekend. With so many consumers traveling this summer and throughout the rest of the year, putting your logo on travel items is a great way for your brand to travel with them.

For many people, traveling can be stressful. When you’re packing, leaving home, catching connecting flights and exploring new territories, there is a lot of room for unexpected complications and situations! We have put together some great tips to help you travel smarter and share your brand in the process.

  1. Avoid keeping all of your money in one place. What’s worse than being stranded in an unfamiliar place with no cash or credit cards? While traveling and going out on daily excursions on your trip remember to always stash some money, or a credit or debit card somewhere that is separate from the money you plan on using throughout the day. This is a great way to make sure you have money available should you lose your wallet or have it stolen. Adhesive phone wallets are a great place to store an extra credit card and a little bit of cash. Keep your phone in a separate location from the rest of your money.
  2. Always pack sun protection. Sunscreen, a hat or a pair of sunglasses are essential for summer travel. Don’t disregard these items just because you are traveling for business. You never know where you will find yourself after hours or even during the conference or event that you are attending. Sunburns are uncomfortable but completely avoidable with a little bit of planning ahead.
  3. Pack a travel sized first aid kit. It can be easy to forget about bandages or pain killers while packing, but having these items on hand can save you trouble. These are the items that you will want right away should you need them. Travel first aid kits are compact, convenient and always a good idea!
  4. Bring your own water bottle. Bottled water at airports, amusement parts and event complexes is extremely over-priced. Unless you find joy in spending $6.00 on a 16oz. bottle of water, pack your own! Often during travel days are long and full of activity. Having water readily available is the best way to keep your body energized and refreshed. There are even collapsible water bottles that travel easily for those who don’t want to carry around a bulky bottle when they are not thirsty.
  5. Get a tech case for all of your cords. Don’t let your device chargers, adapters, and power banks float freely around your luggage. This makes a real mess when you want to charge your phone really quick while on the go. If your tech case has individual spots for each cord, label them. This will save you a lot of stress when you are re-packing or going from one hotel to another. It can be easy to forget which cords you took out, so labeling each spot helps you know when you may be missing something.4.23 Small Blog
  6. If you don’t already have a power bank, we highly recommend them! Power banks are great for travel because they allow your phone or tablet to get a boost from anywhere. Staying connected while away is important and power banks allow you to stay out without being limited to the life of your battery. To learn more about power banks, read our power bank guide.
  7. Pack a smaller bag with you inside of your carry-on. There are many reasons why this is convenient—sometimes when you travel you end up coming home with a lot more than you left with… having an extra bag to carry it all will save you from having to purchase one. If you packed in just a carry on, you may want a drawstring backpack or a tote bag for your day trips so that you have a way to carry a water bottle, sunscreen, first aid kit, event or park tickets etc.
  8. Bring a pair of headphones. Headphones are such a great item to have, but such an easy item to forget! Having a pair of headphones is a great way to stay entertained by listening to music or watching videos without disturbing other travelers. They also come in handy to cancel out other noises. It can be hard to sleep somewhere that you are not used to because of different sounds or activity around you. Over the ear headphones can help you relax by blocking out the other noises around you.
  9. Keep your toiletries in a case. Not only will these speed up the security check process if you are traveling with liquids such as shampoo, but it also protects your clothes and other items if a spill occurs. Having all of your personal items in one place also makes finding them and keeping track of them easier.
  10. Bring a pen. A good pen may not be something you think about when preparing for a trip, but it’s a simple and small item that can be useful. When traveling out of the country, you may need to sign documents before getting off the plane or while going through customs. Having your own will save you time. They’re also good to have for jotting down directions, the name of a restaurant recommended by a tour guide or for keeping a travel diary.

Help make customers and employees travel smoother this summer with promotional travel items. Are you going somewhere this summer? What do you do to make travel easier?

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