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The warm spring weather has finally made its way to the Northeast this past weekend and we are graciously welcoming it back into our lives! It’s time to put away the heavy winter layers and pull out our promotional sunglasses. We love custom sunglasses for summer events because they are a great way to share your brand and protect your eyes while looking good!

Defensive Color Changing Sunglasses

Crestline has a great selection of sunglasses that are fashionable and useful. One pair that we love is our Defensive Sunglasses. These wayfarer styled sunglasses are opaque when inside but quickly change to one of, four colors when exposed to UV rays.

Crestline put these imprinted sunglasses to the test in the sunshine and were shocked at how bright the colors were after being in the sunlight for less than 30 seconds. As you can see below, each color is clear and vibrant when the UV rays hit! These sunglasses are equipped with lenses that offer UV 400 protection.

4.16 Sunglasses

The Scoop on Sun Protection

While many people may just think of sunglasses as a stylish summer accessory, they actually play a big role in protecting your eyes from sun damage.

UV rays have been known to cause multiple hazards to our eyes including cataracts, macular degeneration, abnormal growths and sunburn of the eyes, all of which can lead to loss of vision. Sunglasses offer a way to protect your eyes from these conditions, but they also simply cut down on brightness and glare on sunny days which allows you to see better.  Wearing sunglasses while outside on a bright day also helps your eyes adject better when it gets dark again. In addition, sunglasses help to protect another sensitive region; your eyelids. Your eyelids are extremely prone to skin cancer, throwing on a pair of shades can help protect them.

When it comes to getting the most protection for your eyes, sunglasses are simply more effective when it comes to blocking harmful UV rays than hats or visors. Although wearing a hat with a wide brim can help keep the sun off your face, it only protects you from about half of the harmful UV Rays.

In order to get the most protection, make sure you look for a pair of sunglasses that offer 99-100% Ultra-Violet protection or UV400 lenses which block all UVA and UVB rays.

Getting Creative

Promotional sunglasses are a great giveaway for any outdoor or summer event. The YMCA implemented our Defensive color changing sunglasses at their summer camp.

They ordered an even amount of the four colors that we offer. When each child checked in with their parents on the first day of camp, they were given a pair of sunglasses. While the kids played around outside and got to know each other, their sunglasses began to change color. Once all of the campers had arrived, the counselors had the entire group gather together. They were asked to form smaller groups with kids who had the same color sunglasses. This created 4 equal groups, and they were the groups that the campers stayed in for the duration of the summer.

Not only was this a great way for the YMCA to promote their summer camp program, it was also a fun way to divide the kids up into their group randomly without having to worry about anyone being picked last or getting their feelings hurt.

There are so many creative ways to add these fun custom sunglasses to your summer campaign. How would you use them? For more imprinted summer safety items, visit our Sun Safety store.


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  1. Are these sized for children or adults?

  2. avatar

    They are sized for adults, but would also be appropriate for children over the age of about 8 years old. If you are interested in using them we would gladly send you a sample so you can get a feel for the size yourself.

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