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When was the last time you intentionally left the house without your cell phone? Most people are connected with their smartphones at all times so it’s not surprising that mobile tech items are becoming more sought after in the promotional product industry. Tablet and phone items are a great way to enhance the smartphone experience for recipients by providing them with more options, abilities and protection.

The industry is continuously coming out with sensational new technology items that are excellent for sharing your brand. At trade shows, conferences and other events, tech giveaways stand out because they are attractive and desirable. In a room full of custom pens and candy bowls, tech items appear cutting edge.

Picking tech giveaways can be difficult to choose from in a market that is filled with so many tech devices. At Crestline, we have a variety of mobile tech giveaways that are compatible with most devices as well as custom items for any budget. Branded mobile tech giveaways are a great way to satisfy your  end user and share your marketing message.

Where to Start

As with any promotional product purchase, before trying to choose a product make sure you establish your budget, your target audience, and the message you are trying to send you recipients of this item. With mobile technology items, it is also beneficial to do some research on the devices that the majority of your target audience is using. This will help you make a better product decision—while we do have many products and options that are compatible with the majority of popular devices on the market, there are some items that are not.

Popular Categories

Listening Items:

Headphones, ear buds and speakers hugely popular! People love using their devices as multimedia players and like to take advantage of those features from anywhere. Ear buds are a great item for trade shows. They often come in small cases with generous imprint areas, they are small and easy for recipients to store and transport and there is a pair of ear buds for any budget! Headphones are the perfect way to provide your recipients with an item that has retail like feel. Promotional headphones are available with high sound quality, Bluetooth capabilities and in brands that consumers will recognize such as Brookstone. Portable speakers are also making a big impact! There are many small, portable speakers with big sound. Smaller amplifiers are perfect for handing out to multiple guests, while larger custom Bluetooth speakers like our Roxbox Bluetooth Speaker make great prize giveaways or gifts.

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Charging Items-travelers and business professionals

Power banks and charging cords/adapters allow us to keep our mobile devices powered up for the duration of a busy day. Nearly everyone can take advantage of promotional charging items and are likely to use them frequently. These items are especially convenient for travelers and business professionals who need stay connected but may not have thought to bring their charging cord with them. In the case of networking events and trade shows, it is also important to have a charged device because they is how many people connect today rather than relying on just business cards. Charging cords and adapter are affordable and can be made compatible with many devices. Power banks are a good solution when outlets are not going to be readily available. To learn more about choosing the right power bank for your needs read our power bank guide.

Cases, Easels and Wallets

Cases, easels and wallets for mobile devices and tablets offer a great way for businesses to share their message. While in use, these items go where ever the device goes. Protecting our technology is important, phone and tablet cases are appreciated by many. Since our devices are used so frequently they are faced with a lot of opportunities for damage! Cases help protect them and you can never have too many. Easels allow mobile device users to watch videos, scroll through news feeds and view messages without having to hold the phone or tablet. Easels are great for leaving at home or your desk at work. They are also convenient enough to take on the go! Smartphone wallets are a new trend that is extremely convenient. They offer a slim profile way to carry around your essentials; credit card, ID, hotel key card. Promotional phone wallets are affordable, unique and a great way to share your brand!

Mobile Technology items continue to be a growing category. Above are a few areas that are popular now, and offer a lot of bang for your buck, but there is still much more to explore! With so many fun, unique and attractive items, the mobile tech category is the place to start if you’re looking to stand out and be remembered at your next promotion!

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