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Tchotchkes, swag, freebies, call them what you will. They are all  promotional giveaways and they are a powerful element to add to your marketing strategy. It is likely that at some point, you have received a promotional giveaway. Maybe it was at a trade show, awareness event or through a business interaction.

Promotional freebies have been used relentlessly for advertising since the 1800’s! They can be anything from food gifts, to pens, to the latest tech items. If your brand has not yet discovered the power of great giveaways, we’re here to show you how effective they can be.

Why Add Promotional Giveaways to Your Marketing Strategy?

1. Affordable.

The cost per impression for promotional products is much lower than other forms of advertising such as television and print. Not only are promotional products more affordable, they also have a longer staying power. Unlike a radio advertisement, a promotional giveaway does not expire once all of your budgeted funds are used, instead they can keep sharing your brands message for as long as people hold on to them. Think of apparel items, tote bags, and travel mugs as walking billboards for your brand that gain impressions for your brand every time they’re used.

2. Initiate Conversations.

Promotional giveaways open the lines of communication between your business and a potential customer. They are a gentle way to introduce your brand and provide the prospect with something to walk away with and remember you by. When you are at a trade show or event and you see someone looking at your booth but not engaging, handing them a giveaway will allow you to ease into a conversation.

3. Promotional products gain exposure and recognition for your brand.

When consumers receive a promotional product from your brand, even if they did not engage in a conversation with you, it helps them make a connection between your brand and the item that you gave them. 80% of people who received a promotional product remember the advertiser who gave it to them. Every time they see or use the promotional item that you gave them, they are going to think of you. When they find themselves in need of the product or service that you offer it is more likely that they will come to you! 85% of people have done business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item from them.

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4. People keep them!

47% of people keep promotional products for more than a year. When you consider items for promotional giveaways, picking something that people will want to keep will get you more return on your investment. If the item you pick out is useful, desirable, attractive or unique it is likely to be held on to for months or event years– that’s great exposure for your brand!

5. People give them away.

When people receive a tchotchke that they do not want, they will often give it away before they throw it out. When event attendees return back home or to work, they may pass along the freebies they received to children or co-workers who were not able to attend the event.

Promotional giveaways integrate your brand into consumers daily lives. If you need more help choosing the right product for your business and promotion, read our blog on “Getting Started With Promotional Products FAQs” or contact us for help!

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