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Earth day has been celebrated in the United States as a day to recognize biodiversity and spread awareness of sustainable methods since 1970. Today, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of the earth and its future.

Incorporating eco-friendly and organic products into your upcoming spring promotions is a great way to celebrate earth day and appeal to consumers. 47% of US consumers are buying eco-friendly household products. That’s a lot of Americans that care about the environment! Choosing an eco-friendly item is just one more perk to add to your promotion—and a great way to do something good for the earth long after earth day is over!

The Earth Is What We All Have In Common.

Wendell Berry

Incorporate Eco-Friendly items into your upcoming promotion:

1. Opt For Reusable Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags and reusable grocery totes are becoming more and more popular as individual cities and states continue to ban single-use plastic bags. 39% of United States consumers are opting to bring their own reusable bags instead using paper or plastic. Promotional bags and totes provide great opportunities for repeat impressions at a low cost per impression. Whether you are looking for an imprinted item for your upcoming trade show or for an in-store promotion, a tote bag is a great environmentally friendly solution!

2. Use Promotional Drinkware

Like tote bags, water bottles are another wonderful reusable promotional item. Drinkware items help the environment by reducing the use of plastic, paper and Styrofoam bottles and cups. You can make drinkware promotions even greener by choosing an eco-friendly drinkware option. Drinkware items are very often kept because of their usefulness and make great items for welcome gifts, customer/employee appreciation, awareness events and more!

3. Choose “Green” Office Items

Office items such as pens, sticky notes and notebooks have always made excellent promotions. You can make these powerful items even better by picking eco-friendly options. Office items are successful promotional products because people always need them. Even if the recipient does not work in an office, they are likely to keep and use a pen or notebook. These items are great solutions for academic institutions, financial institutions, insurance companies as well as many others.

Do you have a promotion coming up that you could make eco-friendly? Earth day is a great time to consider green promotional products, but remember that the environment benefits from your eco-friendly choices 365 days a year!

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