At Crestline, we pride ourselves on our good service, quality products and of course for having the best customers on the planet!! But every once in a while, we are reminded that we are only human, and on occasion errors do occur with orders. Because we deal with multiple product sizes, types, and sometimes breakable products, we cannot always promise that your items will be delivered to you perfectly with no issues or errors. What we can promise is that we will ALWAYS do right with you.

A great example of this happened recently. A client recently received their order and shared their excitement about it with us on twitter. We were so happy to see how great their custom tumblers came out and that they were so excited about them. Just minutes later, they shared another photo showing that some of the tumblers had been damaged in transit. Though we hate it when this happens, and it doesn’t happen often, it is part of the reality of shipping products. We can’t follow the delivery driver  to your doorstep to make sure that he drives safely and handles your package with care (if we could, we would definitely see to it). What we can do is come up with a resolution that will have you smiling from ear to ear at the end of the day.Customer Photo

So how can we make sure that you are always 100% satisfied with your experience with Crestline, even if an unexpected hiccup happens throughout your journey with us? By letting you know what to do when you receive your order.

As soon as your order comes in, open it! This may seem like a no-brainer, but occasionally when people order before an event or are placing a re-order and already know what to expect from the item that they got, they do not always open it up right away, and they may just store it until they need it. This causes issues because if by some chance something is wrong, broken, or not what you expected and you don’t discover it until you go to use the product, a small problem immediately turns into an emergency situation. We don’t want you to be stranded at your trade show with no awesome giveaways to hand out to your guests.

If you discover that your order is not exactly how you expected it to be; wrong imprint, wrong color, damaged product, pieces missing reach out to us immediately. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied and in love with your promotional products. If there is anything about your order that isn’t making you happy, let us know! If you worked with a promotional product expert and your still have their contact information, reach out to them. If you don’t have that information or you placed an order online and you don’t have a PPE, just give us a call, email us or find us on social media. We will do whatever we can to resolve your issue and maintain your trust and support.

Your satisfaction is what keeps us doing what we love to do, which is making your brand look good. We love seeing our customers happy—happy customers make us happy to do what we do. With that being said, don’t be afraid to share the love!! If you love your custom products, share them with us. Not only is it fun for us to see your final product, but it is inspiring to other customers, both current, and future.

The easiest way to share your final product is through our social pages if you’re on social media. This is a great way to share because it helps us keep up with your company, we like seeing what you’re up to! If you follow us back, it’s also another way for you to keep up with new products, trends, and deals. Find all of our social media pages here.Merry Miller Moon

If you’re not the social media type, send your photos to the PPE you worked with! Our PPE’s do their best to make sure that your order gets to you quickly and just the way you want it. They are always thrilled to see that your final product.

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