The year has still just begun, and it’s been a very exciting time for us here at Crestline. We’ve spent the beginning of the year thinking about how promotional products have adapted to fit new technologies and trends since the beginning of last year.  It has opened our eyes to the future of promotional products and the new items that we are so excited to see in action this year.

Although the year is still just getting started, we have our predictions on what items are going to make a big impact in the minds of the consumer throughout 2015.


Technology is getting smarter and it’s going to continue to infiltrate the market in 2015. These items are innovative and are continuously attracting the attention of recipients in a positive way. From custom USB flash drives to Bluetooth speakers and stylus pens; this category is making big moves in the promotional product industry. The benefit of technology items is that they have a high perceived value, they are kept, and they are used frequently. Most of all, tech items are becoming relevant to everyone. Whether you audience is an avid mobile or tablet user or they still prefer their desktop computer. There is something for everyone and every budget. Putting your logo on one of the latest tech giveaways is a great way to drive awareness for your brand.



This year, we will be seeing an abundance of new patterns, textures and materials emerging in the industry. Patterns and textures are bringing promotional products to a new level. These varying pattern and texture trends are a great way to add more depth to your imprinted items. Not only do they set you apart from the pack, they also cater to the desire for a more retail like feel.

Another popular design-related trend that is predicted to be quite prominent this year is the use of metallic colors and materials. We are seeing metallic colors used on products that we may not have seen in the past such as tote bags, wearable accessories like sunglasses.


Safety Matters

Safety items are going to be another popular category in the upcoming year. Promotional safety items are a great way to educate, raise awareness and promote wellness. We have a wide variety of different safety items including safety lights and reflectors, first aid kits, home safety items and more. While recipients may not use a promotional safety item every day, we guarantee that if your promotional safety item is needed in an emergency, the impression it will leave is unforgettable. In addition, choosing a promotional safety product spreads a good message about your brand and what is important to you. Untitled design (18)


Fun & Functional

As always, unique items are going to make memorable impressions this year. If you feel they are appropriate for your audience, promotional products that are a little wild are a great way to stand out, be remembered and be shared. Be very sure that you take your audience and the formality of the event into consideration before you choose a unique or funny item. In the right place, these items can be very well received, but in the wrong place, they could make it appear as though your business does not take the event seriously.

What trends are you most excited for this year?? Are you planning on trying something new for your promotions this year? If you need help finding that perfect product, or finding a trendy item that is right for your brand, reach out to us in the comments below, or give one of our promotional product experts a call at 1-866-488-4975.


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