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At Crestline, our Promotional Product Experts (PPE’s) are faced with the important job of teaching interested shoppers about Crestline and what it is we do and how we do it. They are often faced with many of the same questions about choosing products and the process of ordering from Crestline. We recently did a FAQs post specifically designated to artwork with the help of James, one of our PPE’s. Today, James is back to answer your FAQs before ordering from Crestline, and for choosing what product(s) will be right for your company or event.

Questions before ordering

How fast can you get the items to me?

The time to produce and ship an order is different for every product that we carry. Most items take about 4-5 production days plus a few more days for shipping. It’s best to plan ahead and order your items well in advance of your event. However, we know that is not always possible. For situations where you need custom products ASAP, we have a collection of rush service items that can be completed in 2 days.

Where can I find your newest or most popular items?

Crestline is always working to deliver you the latest and greatest promotional products in the industry. You can find all of our newest products under the New Products collection on our website. Our collection of Top Sellers is also a great place to look if you’re having trouble picking out an item, or you do not know where to begin! If you are interested in finding out the latest trends in the industry, feel free to ask you PPE! They can help guide you towards the products that recipients won’t want to put down!

Can I work with the same PPE each time I call in?

Yes, you can! If you have the full contact info of the PPE you worked with, you can call that same person back for a future order. Working with the same PPE for each order allows you to build a relationship and order history. Instead of getting a random expert each time you call in, you can hear that same familiar voice that you are used to. If you are okay with working with someone new each time you call in, then simply call the number on your catalog or on the top of our website (1-866-488-4975).

Can I get a sample of the Products that I am thinking about ordering?

We can send you a physical sample of any item that we carry. If you are having trouble choosing between several different pens or bags, we would be happy to send a sample of each to you to help you make a better decision. Interested customers are able to receive up to $10.00 of free samples.

Can't decide

Questions about choosing the right product

Shopping for promotional products can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the game. When you have never ordered promotional items before, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  James has given us his best advice for guiding first-time buyers towards a promotional product that will be right for them.

Picking an item that is going to be perfect for your event or promotion is all about considering your audience. Take a minute to ask yourself these questions when trying to decide on a product(s).

What is the demographic of your target audience?

Now you probably know the answer to this question inside and out, but when it comes to picking out fun giveaways, it’s easy to get distracted by products that look cool or fun, or that are appealing to you.  You must remember your audience and pick a product that will be relevant to them. Younger students, older business professionals, customers for a restaurant, trade show attendees and other groups of people may not appreciate the same items. Rather than thinking about what item looks trendy or cool, think about the person that will receive the item. What would they like?

What is the goal of this promotion?

Is your goal to expose as many people as possible to your new company? Is it to make sales? Is it to maintain loyal customers? Each goal comes with different requirements for your promotional products. For those looking to spread awareness, passing out a lower cost item to as many people as possible, is the way to go. For those looking to gain loyal customers, giving out a higher quality item to a few high profile customers would make a better impression.

For what period of time would you like your message shared?

Not all messages are meant to be around for the long haul. If you are looking to promote a limited time service, or anything else with a deadline you will need to consider that when picking a product. If your message is continuous, picking a product that recipients will use or look at frequently is a great choice.

For example, calendars, tote bags and desk accessories are great items for companies looking to push a consistent, ongoing message. Recipients will likely see or use these items frequently therefore your message is constantly being reinforced. When you are looking for giveaways for a one-day event or a limited time promotion, picking a product that is in line with the theme of your event or promotion is a smart way to go. (ie. water bottles or pedometers for an awareness walk.)

With so many options out there, are you concerned about quality, material or size of the items you’re comparing?

It can be difficult to make a decision on a product when you’re looking at a catalog or a website. Sometimes you really need to touch, feel, and try out the items you are thinking about before you consider investing money into them. Request a sample of the different items. Seeing a physical sample of the items you are considering will make you much more confident about your final decision.

How fast do you need your items delivered? Do you have a specific date that you need your items for?

One of the most important parts of ordering promotional products is making sure your items are in hand when you need them. Your required delivery date could influence the options that you have available and whether or not you have time for samples. Each item in our catalog and website displays the production time. Every product can vary, so be sure to refer to the specific product details or ask your Promotional Products Expert. Don’t forget to factor in time for shipping!


If you have other questions about the order process, or choosing an item that is appropriate for your promotion feel free to contact a PPE at Crestline, or leave your question in the comment section below!




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