Do you spend your eight hours a day in an office or cubicle? If you do, chances are your workspace is a little drab; poor lighting and tired walls that do little to motivate you. Adding a taste of your own personality to your work-space can help you feel more comfortable, increase your productivity and reduce stress. Sprucing up your workspace is easy and depending on your company’s culture, it is most likely accepted as long as long as it does not distract you from your work.

At Crestline, the majority of us operate out of cubicles and we are seasoned pros when it comes to organizing, personalizing and bettering our workspaces.

Here are our top 10 tips to make you LOVE your workspace:



Start off with a great office mug! It’s no secret that for most of us, our coffee or tea is a mood-boosting treat throughout the day. Get a mug that you love to drink out of to keep at your desk in your workspace.



Adding a coaster to your workspace is a great way to protect the surface of your desk, and keeping liquids away from important office materials. Coasters are available in many different materials and shapes which can help you add personality and texture to your space while also serving a useful purpose.




In many offices, having a window seat is somewhat of a luxury. If you’re looking to add a little bit of nature into your windowless workspace, try adding a small desk plant. If you weren’t born with a green thumb but are still looking to add a little bit of nature, fake plants can be a fun alternative. Check out our Solar Powered Groove Flower or our Flower Pot Pen.




Calendars are great for the workspace! You most likely already have one, but you may not be taking advantage of their great potential for sprucing up your space. Calendars come in so many varieties from Encouraging quotes to baby animals. Instead of opting for a generic image free calendar, pick a design that you feel represents your personality.




Organize your writing utensils and other supplies that you frequently need so that you do not have to dig through drawers to find them. Get a desk caddy and fill it with pens that you like (trust us, it makes a difference). The BIC Clic Stic, the Traditional Easy Writer, and the Sleeker Pen are some of our favorite pens.



Add photo frames to your desk. A few photos of family members, friends or pets are a great way to make your workspace more comfortable. Seeing photos of familiar faces can also help to calm you down when you’re feeling stressed. You could also try framing a motivational quote or something else that inspires you.



If you have walls that you can pin or attach things too, try creating a real life Pinterest board out of clipboards. You can use them to hold your daily to-do list, display a project that you are working on or collage images and colors that you can draw inspiration from. The benefit; you can change it up whenever you get bored or have a new idea that you don’t want to forget!




Take advantage of your magnetic surfaces! If you have filing cabinets in your workspace, their magnetic surface is a great place for you to stick things. Try a magnetic memo board or a magnetic coupon wallet to keep track of your business cards, small restaurant take-out menus and more.



Keep an emergency first aid kit in your work area. You’ll appreciate not having to hunt down a pain reliever, decongestant or bandages when you need them. Also, keep your space stocked with personal care items like hand sanitizer, tissues, and lip balm. These items don’t do anything visually for your space, but they will keep you happy and comfortable when you need them!



Sometimes the hardest part of enjoying your workspace is the distraction of surrounding sounds. Ringing phones, co-worker conversations, and various other office noises can be a big distraction and make you unproductive in your workspace. Headphones are a great remedy. Music is much less distracting and for many it can actually help them focus. If you find it hard to listen to music that you like while you work, try streaming a classical music station. Bonus Tip: Use a clip to keep the cord tangle free while you’re not using them. Clip them to the wall so you always know where to find them!



Let us know in the comments below what you do to be comfortable in your workspace. :)

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    I have a few inspirational quotes up on my board. I am the only one who sees them and they give me a boost.

  2. Pictures of places for vacations posted to lighten up the day.

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