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Do you have a health or wellness goal that you have struggled to begin accomplishing? Many of us do because we let the lack of time, resources or our own stress from daily life keep us from getting started! Launching (or improving) a company health and wellness program can help your employees live a healthier life and make good on their personal wellness goals in addition to being great for your company!

At Crestline, we do everything we can to maintain a wellness program that gives back to both the employees and the company. Employees are able to set wellness goals, track their physical activity   pedometers, do regular blood pressure checks and meet with an on-site nurse. We also have a gym in our building for employees to use and our break room offers plenty of healthy snack options.

Why does it pay to add a health program to you company agenda?

Companies of any size can successfully initiate a wellness program that will provide a positive return for the business. There are many benefits to wellness plans. Companies that encourage a healthy atmosphere and assist in employee wellness frequently have more loyal and motivated employees and in addition, significant health care savings.

A recent Health Affairs study showed that the average rate of a company’s return for wellness programs is $3.27 for every $1.00 spent. On top of that, absenteeism costs fell $2.73 for every $1.00 spent. Healthier employees file fewer health-related claims; miss less work due to health related reasons, and fewer trips to the doctor.

How can you make sure your wellness program is a success?

The biggest key to a successful wellness program is making sure that your employees are on board and embracing the trend of wellness!

Creating an incentive program is a great way to get your employees to participate in your wellness program and take steps towards better health. Your incentives do not need to be elaborate, any type of reward, large or small, will motivate employees.

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Here are a few ideas:

  1. Give away an imprinted T-Shirt or a custom water bottle to employees who can show proof of a gym membership.
  2. Have a contest to see which employee can log the most steps on their pedometer in a week or a month. (Provide a pedometer to all who want to participate). Give a prize to the winner–our all-inclusive workout set makes a great prize.
  3. Help your employees set individual goals based on what they want to accomplish with their health. Reward them with a new pair of earbuds to wear while working out, or a nice gym bag when they reach that goal.
  4. Give employees fitness items that they can use in their workspace–yoga mats, resistance bands, and jump ropes are great items to get employees moving for short breaks throughout the work day.

Giving out incentives for milestones or participation is a great way to get employees excited about your company’s health and wellness programs. It is also a great way to market your program internally—when an employee sees how their colleagues have been rewarded for healthy practices, it will make them curious about what they can do to participate!

Make the most of health and wellness in your workplace! Partner up with local gyms, health centers, or nutrition specialists and use promotional incentives to increase excitement around your program.

Does your company already have an interactive health and wellness program? Tell us about it!

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