BUY More BlogBOGO, Two For, buy $x get a coupon for $x. Free freight etc. At a time of year when you see every type of sale known to mankind we thought it might be a great opportunity to tell you why buying more is always better in the world of promotional products.

When a big box retailer like Walmart places an order for your favorite laundry soap, they buy the same exact box that every other retailer is buying. Because of this, the manufacturer can take advantage of all of those purchases when they manufacture the box and the soap itself.   If it takes two hours to create the artwork for the box and two hours to ready the press, this cost will be divided amongst the total amount of soap boxes they will be printing. Let me give you an example. If the cost to create the graphics and ready the equipment to print is four hours at $100 per hour, the total is $400. Let’s say that the big detergent company is printing 500,000 boxes, the cost for that preparation works out to $.0008 for each box. If they were to print 100 boxes the cost would be $4 per box.  This cost needs to be passed on to the retailer and ultimately to you, the consumer. Stores that purchase more of the laundry soap are able to offer it to consumers at a more competitive price.

The same is true in the world or promotional products.  The more product you order, the lower the price per piece is because as shown in the example above the cost for prepress and overhead is split amongst the total quantity of each piece you order.  The more you order the lower the price per item.

The great thing about our products is that most items do not have an expiration date!  Items like pens may have a 12-month shelf life and although they will probably last longer, at some point the ink is going to dry up.  Most of our product that have a battery have a small plastic tab to keep the battery from being activated before it reaches the recipient. Things like bags and drinkware can be stored for as long as you need them too.

The next time you are looking at purchasing any promotional item you may want to consider what you need to get through the year or even into the next year? If you have room to store extra items, it may be worth purchasing more,  the savings can be substantial in the long run.


Please do not hesitate to ask any of our Promotional Products Experts how this option might work for you.

Probably time to get off my soapbox….

Mike T.

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