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The end of the year is a magical time in the field of education; holiday festivities are in full swing, and New Year’s resolutions are taking shape and best of all winter break is just weeks away. However, for students and educators, winter break is only a reality after end of term exams. For students and teachers of every caliber, the time before winter break is a mess of squeezing in the last lessons of the year, prepping for exams and lots and lots of stress.

Help your students and educators stay on track during this hectic time of year by providing them with promotional products to help them push through! Crestline has many great items to that encourage productivity and lend a hand in keeping organized. Promotional educational items will give your educational community a boost of excitement when they need it most, and help them start their next semester on a positive note!

Items to Increase Productivity

Headphones & Earbuds:headphones

Give your student a pair of custom headphones! Listening to music can help them block out distractions and stay focused on the books. Crestline offers over the ear headphones for optimal noise cancellation as well as small in-ear buds that provide great sound and are convenient to store and travel with.

Power banks:

Power banks and chargers are items that students of any age or discipline will love all year long! They will come in handy to keep cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices charged after long hours on the go. Students can carry them along to study sessions and power up when they need to.

Water Bottles & Travel Mugs:

The key to staying productive is staying healthy! Keep students and educators hydrated with reusable water bottles so they can perform their best. Let them get the boost of energy they need with promotional travel mugs.Travel mugs and water bottles can be easily carried and refilled when needed throughout the day.

Items to Encourage Organization:


Work materials and notes can all be kept safe in one place with a custom padfolio. Padfolios will add a professional touch to projects and presentations. Techfolios are also available for educational settings where tablets are prominent.


Custom sticky notes can be used to take notes, keep track of to-do lists and reminders and serve as flash cards. They are a desk essential for students and educators.

Highlighter & Pen Combos:

Highlighters are essential for keeping track of key points, definitions and more. Students will love this convenient and practical giveaway. Highlighter/pen combos are great for easy and clear note-taking because the writer can quickly switch back and forth.

These items are perfect on their own, or together as a care package. For an added motivational effect, inspirational sayings or a school motto can be added in addition to just a logo. Educational promotional products are items that students can hold onto all year long!

What are your favorite promotional items for education? What study tips do you recommend?

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