There is nothing quite like a soft, friendly stuffed toy. It’s likely that many of us have a fond childhood memory of stuffed toy that we adored or that we found comforting. We often think of stuffed toys as novelty items for children, but they can also be used as a vehicle to share your brand.

There are a few key factors that make a plush toy a great product to put your logo on:

  1. Customization-With plush toys there is a lot of freedom in customization. Not only can you choose from any animal, you can also create your own character, or bring your own company mascot to life in the form of a plush toy. In addition, you can choose to outfit your toy in an imprinted accessory such as a t-shirt. Choosing a plush toy allows for you to be as creative as you want to be to share your brand with your audience.
  2. Emotion- Developing a connection that goes beyond just making a sale is essential for any company looking to build trusted reliable customers. Plush toys are excellent for establishing emotional connections between the consumer and the brand. The noninvasive nature of a plush toy makes the company seem friendly and reliable.
  3. Unique- Making a statement is one of the best ways to increase brand recognition. In a world full of logos and branded items, it can be hard to be the one that stands out. Customized plush toys are memorable in a way that other advertising methods may not be.

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How can plush toys be used in an impactful way?

Mascots: The most evident way to implement the use of plush toys is using them to represent your mascot. This is best for any business, school or athletic team that has a recognizable mascot that is an animal or character. Plush mascots can be purchased or given away as spirit items for schools or athletic teams. They can be used by a business as a retail item for brand enthusiasts or as a giveaway at events or during special promotions.

Welcome Gifts: Turning an interested prospect into a paying customer takes a lot of work. A good way to make sure your new customer turns into a loyal customer is by letting them know their business is truly appreciated. Sending welcome gifts to new customers is always a good idea, adding a plush toy to your welcome basket is a great way to make your customer feel comfortable and at ease. This is perfect for businesses that may not always come across as “warm and fuzzy” so to speak; insurance companies, financial institutions, law firms.

Not only are plush toys great for new customer welcome gifts, they are also perfect for new employee welcome gifts. When you hire a new employee, you are making an investment in your company by adding to its assets. Making an employee feel like they are part of the company family is important when they are just starting out. Make them feel at home in their new position by including a customized plush toy as a welcome gift.

Employee Appreciation & Corporate Gifts:  In addition to making great welcome gifts, plush toys are also very suitable employee appreciation gifts and corporate gifts. Generally with corporate gifts as well as appreciation gifts, the trend is to provide something that is perceived as being more upscale than your typical giveaway. This is why engraved pens and embroidered apparel can be very popular. Plush toys are great items that are perceived to be high value when in reality they are quite affordable.

Care Packages: Care packages are used for many different purposes; they are sent to children in the hospital, military families, families that are displaced after disasters, people in the military, students away at school, the list goes on. If your business offers care packages as a retail item or supplies care packages, plush toys are a great investment. There is nothing more comforting than a plush teddy bear when you are most in need of relief. Recipients are also likely to hold onto a plush toy that was given to them in a care package.


Plush toys are unique  branding solutions for any industry. Have you ever received an imprinted plush toy? How was it given to you? Did you keep it?

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