Giving corporate gifts to employees and customers has been a long standing tradition for many businesses. While corporate gifts can be rewarded at any time, the most popular time is towards the end of the year, around the holiday season. Gift giving is a way to say thank you to individuals that help shape the company and contribute to its success. They recognize and reward everything that customers and employees have put into the company throughout the year. At Crestline we offer a great collection of custom corporate gifts that allow your business to tastefully brand great items to give to valued customers and employees.

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Why go beyond just saying Thank You?

A simple gift to show appreciation towards an employee can make the difference between someone who simply gets the job done and someone that does everything they can to embrace corporate values, exceed company goals and strive to improve. Acknowledging employee achievement and effort increases productivity and improves how the employee feels about the company they work for.

Companies give gifts to their best customers for many of the same reasons. When companies go beyond their regular service standards to show customers how valuable they are to the company, it helps to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer. It reminds them exactly why they chose you instead of another provider in the area.

Here are a few key things to remember when giving out corporate gifts to customers and employees:

  1. Be thoughtful with your gift choice! Don’t just pick out a gift for the sake of giving away something. Choose something that the recipient will find useful. This can be easily accomplished by picking an industry related, or picking out something that can be used in multiple ways. For example, a custom mug or tumbler is a great gift because they can be used to carry any beverage.
  2. When you can, hand deliver the gift to the recipient. Taking the time to personally deliver a gift makes it all the more meaningful to the recipient. If delivering the gift in person is not something that you are able to do, try to include a hand written gift tag or note inside to give it a warm personal touch.
  3. Always check with company policies before you give away corporate gifts. You do not want your gesture to come across as inappropriate to a client or partner. Gift giving may be okay at your own company, but the receiving company or associate may have different rules based on circumstance.
  4. Gift giving is an investment in your company, budget for it like you would any other investment. Don’t get caught at the end of the year with no extra funds to properly thank those who deserve it!

Here are a few of our FAVORITE corporate gifts for the 2014 season:


Corporate Gift Guide

1. Checkpoint Companion Briefcase: This bag makes going through airport security a breeze. It has many compartments to keep all of your belongings organized and easy to access. This is a great gift for clients who travel often or business partners that commute from another region.

2. 32 Piece Square Truffle Box:Food is a very popular gift, especially around the holiday season. This box of chocolates is beautifully packaged and makes a great gift for both employees and customers.

3. Zoom Energy Bar: This power bank will charge any device powered by a USB plug. It’s a great gift idea for customers and employees who spend a lot of time on their mobile devices and may need an extra boost of power through out their day. It’s a great, useful product.

4.Crescent Mug Gift Set:  This mug set is a practical gift nicely packaged making it easy for you to really impress the recipient! Make this gift even more fun by including a gift card to a local coffee shop or juice bar that allows you to bring your own mug. This stylish gift is great for spreading brand awareness and is sure to be a favorite.

5. Admiral Stylus Pen:Executive pens make great business gifts, they are attractive and send a sophisticated message. You have the option to personalize this pen with the recipients name for a personal touch, or with your company name or logo. Pair this pen with a handwritten card or a sleek padfolio for a gift your recipient will not forget.

6. Winter Holiday Tumbler: This tumbler is a great gift that offers a festive feel.  It’s a great on the go beverage container that will provide great impressions for you logo or message.

Check out our full selection of corporate gifts for more great ideas!


Will you be giving out corporate gifts this holiday season? How do you plan on thanking customers and employees?


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