Promotional products are awesome! We know that, and businesses and organizations that use them know that.  But sometimes, for the person that is just starting to dabble in promotional products, it can be hard to pick the  right item to brand. We asked our  Vice President of sales, Mike, to provide some advice for  those organizations who still need some guidance when it comes to picking out the perfect items.


Promotional Products are really just Real Estate Agents.

I know, I know, when you think about Real Estate some of us cringe.  You think about the largest investment you may ever make in your life.  It is a difficult process to say the least; it takes months of searching, multiple home inspections, nerve-wracking back and forth negotiation, comparing multiple rates and then for many of us, signing on the dotted line 30 times to make a 30 year commitment.  Despite all of this painstaking effort the outcome can be one of the proudest and most rewarding experiences of your entire life.

You may be wondering where all of this is going–I am not going to talk about promotional products in the traditional sense so please stay with me here as I hope it is all going to make sense in a minute.

When we talk about “Real Estate” in our world, we talk about the space that surrounds where someone works, lives and plays.  That is the space, to you as someone who is trying to get noticed, that can be extremely valuable and show great rewards for your efforts.Add text

Ask yourself, who does your targeted audience think of when they sit down with their morning cup of coffee?  When they prepare to download that important presentation onto a flash drive to bring to the board meeting?  When they pack lunch, their clothes for the gym, their books or school supplies into that backpack every morning?  If they are doing any of these things with an item that includes your logo than they are going to think of you and appreciate the fact that you gave it to them.

Keep this simple “Real Estate” thought in mind when you are trying to decide what type of promotional product is right for your recipients.  Ask yourself what item are they probably going to keep and use and how often will they use it?  When it comes to brand recognition the more exposure you can get out of each item you hand out the better. What is the message that you want them to see when they use it? Is your website or phone number very important for the recipient or should you use the entire space for just your logo. Perhaps it is just as important to you that the recipients coworkers, family and friends ask, “Where did you get that?” once again creating multiple exposures.  All of these thoughts should go into the selection of the successful use of a promotional product.

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In the end it can be as simple as the perfect tumbler that they pour their coffee into each morning or the soft, comfortable, can’t live without hoodie they pull over their head on that brisk October morning.  Maybe even that great pen that they sign their very first mortgage with (did I say about 30 times).  The choice is ultimately yours but we have an office full of highly trained  “Real Estate Experts” that are more than happy to help you find a great home for your next promotion!

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