There is a reason why pens with logos have withstood the test of time and are still a commonly used promotional item today even with the introduction of tech accessories and other unique items. Giving away promotional pens is a great way to put your brand in the community’s hands and reach new prospects.

When you look at  your own pen cup at home or on your office desk, do you know where half of those pens came from? How many pens in that cup did you buy? How many did you walk away with after signing your name or taking a quick note? How many of them are pens with logos? Promotional writing instruments are owned by 56% of consumers. Pens are an item that are always useful and are very likely to be kept and to trade hands multiple times. Promotional pens are a great way to spread awareness for your organization and to receive return on your investment. But how do you find the right pen?

Picking out pens for your business or promotion sounds like an easy task until you realize that there are tens of thousands of different pens that you can put your logo on. That makes narrowing down your choices a little tricky.

There are a lot of other factors to consider when choosing a pen; Ink color, point size and type, pen body style. When you think of whom your target is—the person you want to use this pen—do you think of someone who is creative or someone is business oriented or techy? We want to make it easy for you to get your pen in the hands of the right person.

Let’s begin by breaking down a few of our pen sub-categories so you know where to begin your search.

If you are looking for a simple pen with no extra bells and whistles, check out our pens category. These pens are perfect every day writers and they are great for awareness promotions, trade shows, events, or to keep in your own store front. In this category what sets each pen apart stylistically is their body type.

The simplest body style is the stick pen. The tip of the stick pen is always exposed and is closed with a cap. Stick pens are the simplest of pens and are generally some of the cheapest.

Retractable Pens are the pens that you click to expose the tip. This style of pen uses a thrust mechanism inside its barrel to expose and retract the tip. The tip can quickly be exposed if you need to take a quick note, and can be just as quickly retracted for storage.107353

Twist Pens expose and close the tip of the pen by twisting the barrel. Twist pens often have an aluminum body to protect the mechanism inside that makes it work.

The next sub category to check out is the Gel Pen category. Gel Pens are similar to the commonly used ball point pen, but have a thinner water based ink. Gel pens provide vibrant ink color choices and they are smooth fluid writers. Gel pens are great for any organization that incorporates color into their brand message as well as organizations that embrace creativity. Some simply prefer gel pens over a standard ball point pen because of how they write.



If you’re looking for a little more, direct your attention to these categories:

Our Executive Pen category is ideal for business oriented companies or companies that want their pens to have a professional edge. These pens are all laser engraved and have the option to be individually customized. This category is a great place to look if you are in need of a corporate gift or if you are looking to thank your high level customers. These are our most elegant pens, the receiver is likely to hold on to one of our executive pens.


Pen Comboshighlighter pen combos and stylus pen combos are great options for that organization that is looking for more than a pen. With the rising popularity of tablets and large touch screen phones, a stylus pen combination is a great way to connect with your technology savvy customers. Highlighter pen combos are a great option for schools and student organizations where highlighting and note taking is key.



Novelty Pens are not your every day pen! If you’re looking for extra attention at a trade show or event, novelty pens are a great option. If you are looking for pens with logos that are wacky, whimsical and wild, these novelty pens are the way to go. They speak to a special niche and leave a lasting impression.




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