Trade shows are a great opportunity to share your products and services with an interested community and generate valuable sales leads. While trade shows can be very beneficial, they can also be a great waste if a company does not properly prepare. We are here to guide you through the process of using your own unique promotional products to successfully stand out and impress at your next trade show.

Tradeshows are a marketing tactic, in order for them to be successful; they need an established marketing plan. You must make sure that the show fits your marketing goals and is going to deliver you actual return, because we all know trade shows are not cheap!

Promotional product giveaways should also be chosen well in advanced. This will guarantee that you have the proper funds, and are not just running to the store to buy 5 bags of mixed mini candy bars the morning of the show. Promotional products, giveaways, freebies-whatever you want to call them are an important part of your trade show exhibit. Promotional products should be selected with your designated target in mind. Be creative when making a choice; don’t just think of the items that you have been given at trade shows in the past. Think of what item would be awesome to receive! Bowls of candy, stress balls and pens all have a place, but if your goal is to stand out, be remembered and thank your guests for spending time at your booth; you’re going to want to think of something a little more innovative.


Picking the right promotional product is important for a number of reasons:

  1. They help you speak to someone who is actually interested in what you have to offer. When you put a bowl of candy on your booth, anyone passing by not wanting to engage in a conversation will just grab one. When you pick something that you know that specifically your target will love and relate to, they will want to come over and check out what you’re all about because you have proven to have something they like.
  2. Pick an item that is going to assist in the delivery of your message. If you’re a branding company and your message is that you make brands speak loudly to their audience, don’t give out headphones, give out speakers. This will help the potential customer remember you better when they go home from the show. Your message will resonate more clearly, and they will remember who you are.
  3. Consider the positioning of your item. By keeping your giveaways out of the direct reach of those passing by, you are able to hand them to valuable guests who stop at your booth and are engaged and interested. You lose the waste of the traffic that is just passing by to grab the freebies and gain more actual leads.

Do not just use promotional products for the purpose of giving guests something tangible to walk away with, pick something that will actually provide you return on your investment and will help your leads remember just exactly who you were.

A few closing tips; stay at your booth until the last guest walks out the door. Trade shows are long, your staff will most definitely be tired, but don’t be the guy that starts packing up as soon as the crown starts to thin out. Guests who are still there will not want to bother you if you look like your packing up and you may miss out on a big opportunity. Finally, only give away items that are non-breakable and small enough to pack in luggage or travel with, otherwise they might end up in the trash.


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