Back-to-school season brings out a lot of feelings; while many of the students are excited to be reunited with friends they haven’t seen in what seems like a lifetime, they are not always as excited to slip back into their routine. Having class all day and spending nights doing assignments is never as fun as getting lost in the oblivion that is Netflix. The educational institutions however feel much different about back-to-school season, although it is a busy and stressful time in itself, the anticipation of having full halls again warms them.

At Crestline we are all about making things easy for you; granted we can’t take away all the stress of making sure all the last minute maintenance is done, and we can’t put the worried parents at ease, what we can do is make sure that you are able to welcome your students back in style. We have what you need to make new students feel welcomed and make old students remember why they chose you over any other school.


We have compiled a list of awesome products that students are sure to love, share, and thank you for.


The Detour Tech Sleeve is great for students to keep their tablets protected in between classes. The neoprene material is protective and can also be imprinted to give it a pop of color. The sleeve is large enough for an iPad, or like sized tablet.



The Thunderbolt Charger is ideal for long days on the go. The power bank is suitable for Android or iPhone. It has the power to give your phone a boost and provide up to 8 hours of additional talk time. After a day of classes and extracurricular activities, it is likely that your student’s phone battery will be drained before they make it home. The thunderbolt charger allows them to stay in touch all day.

product 3



The Libra Drawstring Backpack is perfect for carrying gym clothes or other athletic gear. Your students will never want to leave home without it! It’s stylish, comfortable to carry and eye-catching!



This retractable highlighter is a staple study item! The convenient retractable tip keeps the ink fresh in between uses.



The New Reflections Locker Mirror has a magnetic back that makes it a convenient way for students to freshen up before or after classes. The imprint section on the bottom doubles as a clip that can hold small notes or photos making it a great way for students to personalize their space.

product 5


Students are a powerful audience, get your brand in their hands.

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