Finally the weather is starting to find a comfortable temperature above freezing. That means it’s almost time for those outdoor fundraisers you’ve been preparing for since the end of last year’s fundraisers.

Parades, 5K’s, and fairs are places you can spread your message and raise money for a specific cause. But one of the larger goals for the event is to stay top of mind with the people you reach. Contributions and volunteers are needed throughout the year to keep things moving forward, even after the booths are closed down and people have gone home at the end of the day.

There are ways for your message to go further, staying top of mind for months and even years.  And we’re here with the tools to make that happen. In the United States, 58% of people own branded products like pens, custom water bottles, and t-shirts. The trick is to find the best price on an item that will last, but also one that people will want to use often.

Our products are categorized for maximum efficiency. Shop the awareness items section for imprinted keychains, customized magnets, and personalized wristlets if you are interested in higher quantities that will be shared to large crowds of people.

For promotional giveaways that are more likely to be used frequently, you can stay within budget with logoed water bottles and tumblers or reusable grocery totes. The Bike and Sports Bottle has routinely performed as one of our best sellers for being both usable and affordable. Plus there are dozens of color combinations available between the bottle and the cap.

If you are considering doing a raffle, we have customizable products that can be used as prizes. If you aren’t considering a raffle, we still have great products you can gift to those that make larger donations or put in extra effort to make your event a success. For raffles, promotional t-shirts, baseball caps, drawstring bags and even camp chairs can be ordered in lower quantities. These are popular giveaways that are low cost, but make it easier for more people to walk away with something.

Our promotional products experts are here to provide ideas and help answer any questions you may have. We make it a point to make your event our own, taking extra care to maximize your imprint, offer the best, most appropriate options, and get everything to you ahead of your event.

Fundraising with Promo Products

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