Shopping for promotional giveaways is about usability. Plus, you want items that are eye-catching to a wide-range of prospective clients. After all, this is a reflection of your brand, and if the right items are selected, there’s greater potential to attract new business.

At Crestline, we are always shopping   around to find the trendiest, coolest, “wow” factor products to keep your giveaway campaigns fresh and exciting. On top of finding these awesome giveaways, we can offer ideas on how promotional products can be used to set you apart. Below are 8 ideas on using the tried-and-true drawstring backpack for your next campaign.

1. Woo new patients at your veterinary hospital with a welcome package. While folders are good for holding paperwork, a drawstring bag is more likely to be re-used and viewed by others. Add a small customized toy or treat in the bag along with relevant brochures and information about the visit.

Drawstring Bags

2. Often, dentist offices send their patients home with imprinted personal care items. A drawstring backpack is perfect for keeping everything together. Using a drawstring backpack for in place of a disposable plastic bag can take your brand further since it’s much more versatile and thus more likely to be reused.

3. Elementary schools can use drawstring backpacks for a reading exchange program to encourage the next generation of young readers. Add a handful of books into each bag for students to bring home and read with their family. At the end of the week, students can exchange their bag for a new one filled with different stories.

4. Attract new gym memberships with fitness inspired gear. Start with a branded drawstring backpack for holding gym clothes and equipment. Then add an imprinted t-shirt and custom water bottles to drive your brand further, along with a schedule of any classes your gym offers.

5. Bags are always a hot giveaway item at trade shows. Visitors are guaranteed to walk away with imprinted swag from the booths they visit and will need a bag to carry it all. By offering a bag to your booth visitors, your logo will continue to be seen by others as it’s carried throughout the event.

6. Is your company introducing environmentally friendly policies, such as switching to reusable bags or buying locally? Let your customers know what you are doing to help the environment, then offer tips on how they can help, too. Pair this information with an eco-friendly and reusable tote to reinforce your message.

7. Show off team spirit with matching gear, like custom printed drawstring bags that can be used on and off the field. Drawstring bags can help spread the word about local youth leagues or build a fan base for college teams. Plus, they are endlessly customizable, so you can be sure that your team’s mascot and school colors are advertised correctly!

8. Have a “go-bag” ready in classrooms and be prepared for emergencies. This can include evacuations routes, first aid kits, whistles, flashlights and other materials that teachers may find helpful in the heat of the moment.

Studies show that promotional bags create an average of 5,983 brand impressions. It’s a great way to get extra exposure for your business. Browse dozens of styles to find the right fit for your company or organization. And if you have any questions, our representatives are here to help. Call toll free at 1-866-488-4975 or check out our full lineup of promotional products here.

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