Yes, you read that title correctly.

Look, by now we probably have been more accustomed to the inevitable back-to-school mad rush than we would like. Almost as predictable as warmer temperatures during summer, or Dwight Howard figuring out which new team he wants to play for, going back to school has become almost the new Black Friday. No matter where you go, every store will have some variation of a back-to-school sale, or loud, colorful posters letting you know for the thousandth time that school beings soon. Even television commercials will start to migrate more towards targeting the back-to-school consumer, whether they want to be one or not. You’re not safe anywhere.

But if there’s anything to be learned from seeing the masses reaching over each other to grab coveted items, or seizing those last boxes of pens and handfuls of composite notebooks while they’re still on sale and then witnessing people’s best interpretations of the Heisman move as they make their way to the checkout, is that you always end up wondering, hoping, for a better way; a less stressful approach. Going back to school is sometimes worrisome enough, shuddering at the thought while wishing summer could extend just a few more weeks is not uncommon!

Whatever your role is in education, the fact always remains that you’ll need to get a myriad of supplies before heading back to school, either for your classrooms or bookstores. Why not order online through Crestline? Yes, a subtle back-to-school pitch, (see, even on the internet!), but we not only have all the products that you’ll need to be prepared, but we can endlessly customize whatever you order to match your school’s colors, mascots, and slogans. And the best part is, you can order from the convenience and quiet of your home, hassle-free. Let everyone else take part in the craziness.

So, whenever you’re ready to start thinking about the back-to-school season, we are here waiting to help you, in whatever way we can. (We can even give you pointers for a great Heisman pose).


-The Crestline Back-To-School Specialists

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