There's Stardom in Sunglasses

Who knew that a pair of sunglasses would lead to immediate stardom? Obviously I knew this, as this was the reason why I choose to wear the Cruise Retro sunglasses that I received from my summer internship at Crestline to the 1st annual Sunglasses Competition that our local city was putting on. This competition was all the rage that fateful day. The advertisements were everywhere. Sponsored by some company who really likes sun safety or really hates looking at people’s eyes, participants had to show up and proceed in a variety of challenges, all while wearing sunglasses. If they fell off your head, you were disqualified. The winner would win free sunglasses for life. I was hooked. When I showed up, everyone had various brands, models, and looks of sunglasses on, like the sun was 10 feet to the ground or something. Some were comically gigantic; others way too small, … Read More

Make Going Back to School Fun!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Look, by now we probably have been more accustomed to the inevitable back-to-school mad rush than we would like. Almost as predictable as warmer temperatures during summer, or Dwight Howard figuring out which new team he wants to play for, going back to school has become almost the new Black Friday. No matter where you go, every store will have some variation of a back-to-school sale, or loud, colorful posters letting you know for the thousandth time that school beings soon. Even television commercials will start to migrate more towards targeting the back-to-school consumer, whether they want to be one or not. You’re not safe anywhere. But if there’s anything to be learned from seeing the masses reaching over each other to grab coveted items, or seizing those last boxes of pens and handfuls of composite notebooks while they’re still on sale and then witnessing … Read More

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