Let’s talk cost and impact. There are advantages to purchasing promotional products instead of print ads, or traditional media buys.

Cost: Are you trying to justify to your manager why you want custom pens or tees for your next event? Are they still stuck in the ‘we need to put an ad in the paper’ mentality? That’s all fine and good, if they want to throw money away, when the paper is recycled in the bin. How about a promotion that lasts? And costs less?

The metric to keep in mind is known as the CPI – Cost Per Impression. The CPI is the cost of your campaign divided by the number of times your message is seen. The more impressions you make, the less each one costs, the more customers remember you, and the more money you make. A low CPI is a good thing.

Compared to print advertising, promotional products are a tremendous bargain, with a superlow CPI. Promotional products have an average CPI of just $.005 – yes, that’s a fraction of a penny. In percentage terms, promotional products are a whopping 79% less than a half page black & white newspaper ad, and a staggering 87% less than a national magazine ad.
Promotional Products
Simply put, because one of Crestline’s mottos is ‘simple’ – traditional advertising is overpriced. You should invest in products instead, and increase your impressions at a far, far lower cost!

Impact: People pay attention to what’s in their hands. Promotional products are proven to work.

Do you remember the bus ad from this morning’s commute? Did you note who ran an online ad next to the e-news you read? How about the brand message on the special promo pen at your desk? Most people will recall the last one, what brand name is on their desk pen, because it is literally in — and at — hand.

84% of promotional products recipients can name the advertiser on the item. And people keep their promotional products because they are useful – 81% of recipients keep theirs. That’s successful product message impact!

So Why Choose Promotional Products?

Cost and impact: A CPI that’s a fraction of a penny, and an over 80% impact rate. Promotional products are your smart strategy, for making your brand dollar go farther than traditional media buys.

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