Reusable Grocery ToteIt seems that people everywhere are readily embracing the notion of reducing the number of disposable bags they use. Some municipalities have even outlawed disposable plastic bags due to their deleterious effects on marine life. Regardless of where you live, I think we can all appreciate the reduction in litter that reusable grocery totes offer.

I find myself reaching for Crestline’s foldable grocery totes for each shopping trip, and I use them to bring things with me to work. I keep a smaller one in my purse for unexpected purchases, and for grocery trips, I have four of the 105591 full size bags that reside in my car. Their ruggedness appeals to me—as does the convenient shoulder strap, which makes carrying them so much easier! I have these bags for the long haul. They will last for years.

Crestline’s Grocery Tote holds much more than a standard plastic bag or paper sack from the grocery store, so I have fewer bags to carry in. They are lightweight, yet very strong. I don’t have to deal with the moral quandary of having to reuse or recycle the dozens of plastic shopping bags that are replaced by these reusable totes. When I’ve put my groceries away, I simply fold my totes up to take to the car for my next trip.

Now that I’ve told you what I like about these grocery totes as an end-user of them, let me point out this translates to favorable advertising for the brands that are printed on these bags. Like most Americans, I shop two or more times per week. While I’m pushing my cart around the grocery store or discount store, my reusable totes are in my cart or on my shoulder. There are literally hundreds of people who see my bags each week. Sometimes I am asked where I got a particular bag because it has an eye-catching design or clever phrase on it. Even if no one says a word to me, my reusable totes are sharing messages with everyone around me!

When you choose reusable grocery totes as your next promotional giveaway, you are ensuring that the item will be used, and seen. Give them at trade shows, job fairs, recruitment events. Hand them out to employees, business contacts, and prospective customers. You will be giving them an item they will enjoy using!

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