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You may have noticed the small, square, scannable codes that are popping up in all kinds of places lately. These are QR (quick-response) codes, matrix barcodes that can be read by cameras on newer cellular phones. QR codes have actually been around for a while, and originally were used to track industrial parts throughout the manufacturing process.

Most of today’s smart phones have either QR scanners and software already installed, or can utilize free downloadable apps to provide the scanning and redirection functions to make QR codes work. The use of QR codes has evolved quite a bit, with mobile tagging emerging as an exciting commercial application. Mobile tagging refers to the scanning of QR codes by cell phone users in order to direct them to specific information on a website.

At Crestline, we are also exploring the exciting possibilities of QR codes. More and more, you will find them interspersed throughout our catalogs and other marketing materials. They will quickly redirect you to exclusive limited time offers, or to our specialty stores such as Golf, the Crest Express 2-Day Store, or our Trade Show store.

For little to no money, you can also generate and use QR codes to “drive” your customers to particular items on your web page; perhaps a special offer, coupon, or a gift available only with purchase. QR codes let you track the source of your customers’ interest with great precision. Did she see your billboard ad, or was it an in-store display that piqued her interest? Did he discover your company at a trade show, or through direct-mail literature? With QR codes, you will know!

Maybe you are interested in bringing QR codes into your promotional campaign, but you aren’t sure exactly how to incorporate them into your existing format. Why not simply add a QR code to your own promotional imprint? It’s up to you: what information do you most want to steer your customers toward? Your Crestline representative will be happy to help you craft a QR code campaign that will extend your brand’s image to a wider variety of channels!

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