There are two main types of stress, positive (eustress) which helps us perform well, and negative (distress) which is burdensome. Distress is the type of stress that can cause problems with physical and mental health and can deteriorate personal and working relationships. Occupational or workplace stress is a problem for many workers. It is in the best interest of employers to help their staff cope with stress in order to maximize productivity and minimize health problems and absenteeism.

Exercise is a significant reducer of stress, but most workers can’t engage in a full workout while seated at a desk. Enter the stress ball! Stress balls are a very popular promotional product because they can help the user to release tension in close quarters. In addition to stress relief, they provide exercise to keyboard-cramped hands and wrists.

Crestline’s Jumping Jack stress ball gently encourages users to exercise. One side features Jack’s smiling face; the other side sports your message. The Heart Stress Ball helps to remind recipients exactly why it is so important to manage stress. The Chameleon Stress Ball changes color with body heat, while the Anxious Mood Dude is a whimsical stress reliever.

The Stress Doctor looks like you feel some days, with his wacky expression and disheveled hairdo!  Let the doctor help you take your stress down a notch.

Crestline has these and other promotional stress balls available, including many in our 2-Day Service store!  Minimize distress and maximize eustress in the workplace in honor of Stress Awareness Month.

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