Finding a promotional product that is sure to deliver your business return on investment is not always easy. We know that you understand your customer better than anyone else, but regardless, sometimes you need help finding an item that will properly grab their attention. At Crestline we specialize in pairing our customers with items that are perfect for the businesses goals whether it’s fundraising, promoting or rewarding your employee’s hard work.

Recently, a high school needed a promotional product for their educational and sporting events that could be purchased to help raise funds for the school’s sports teams. They found that the Camp Chair was a perfect fit for their needs. The camp chair is incredibly durable, easy to carry, and also provides an imprint area that was large enough for the schools name and mascot to be displayed proudly. The practicality and convenience of this product made it a huge hit with trending demand. Parents, students and community members were able to purchase the chairs and use them at all of the school events.

Not only did the school sell all of the chairs that they had ordered, but they did so in the first week!! The chairs were available in the school spirit store that was open during sporting events, this convenience drove the sales. The great quality and fun design kept the chair in high demand; the school has had to reorder several times to keep up with all of the requests.

The camp chair made this fundraiser successful because of its relevance to the cause and its unique appeal. If you are looking for the perfect item to use for your fundraiser or your next promotional event, the camp chair has the large imprint area you need to stand out and fun colors to grab your customer’s attention. Your brands exposure and ROI is limitless!

Our sales representatives are happy to be a resource for your business, if you are looking for help to find an item that will communicate your brands message or have questions about ordering, know that we are ready to serve chair

Fun-filled college functions–like orientation, parents & family weekend, sports games, and more–are happening throughout the year. With so many passionate students and fans participating, portable party equipment is a must!

To integrate into this college scene, a major beverage company used the Portable Party Cooler to help raise brand awareness for their products. These coolers, filled with different soda and flavored water brands, were distributed at various college functions throughout the country. Each cooler prominently featured the company’s logo, website, and even included discount coupons for a variety of products.

The Portable Party Coolers proved to be a huge success with college students and for the beverage company. Not only were the students able to sample the different beverages, with the coolers making their way around campus, the company’s brand received increased exposure to thousands of potential clients!


It’s amazing what you can add your logo to! At Crestline, we offer pens, bags and water bottles, but the options can seem endless. Would you imagine you could imprint shoe horns? Or add your logo to lollipops?

Your options for promotional products are diverse and so are the options for adding art. Let’s say you have a round logo that includes a figure with some text below. The text is easy to read and the all of the details of the logo are sharp when printed on t-shirts.

If you decided to add custom printed pens to your order, there would be some major concerns about using the same imprint. The large logo that stretches across the t-shirts wouldn’t fit on the narrow barrel of a pen. The details would look like blotches and the text would be too small to make out. Simple shapes and large text, like the company name and a best phone number, would look much better on the pens.

The reverse is also true. We recommend imprints with simple shapes and text for a 4” x 6” magnet. You wouldn’t want to squish a bunch of information together in such a limited space. But with a beach towel, you have plenty of space to get creative and the logo can be seen from a distance.

Each product has its own imprint size and imprint method. And since we partner with dozens of suppliers across the country, your order of 3 items could be produced in 3 different states. These variables, along with the physical stopping, changing, and resetting of imprinting equipment between orders, are the reason behind the set up charge most products have.

This month, we’re offering some of our best sellers with a FREE setup. Save $90 on either the 6’ or 8’ table throw with a 1-color imprint. Or save $60 with a free setup on the Six Pack Cooler. Add some extra value to your order with these great discounts. See these sale items and more, discounted now through 5/30/14.


Earth Day BlogWe have come a long way from massive V-8 sedans, industry-causing air pollution, and the word “environment” appearing more frequently on school spelling bees than on the evening news. Today, we have greater innovation in environmental, industry, and recycling practices, and companies small and large have an added emphasis on sustainable practices – all culminating in a cleaner planet for the current and future generations.

At Crestline, we take our environmental footprint seriously, and are proud to offer a wide-array of eco-friendly promotional products that you can utilize for your brand’s next promotion or giveaway. You might have seen the increased use of personal grocery tote bags at your local store; why not make sure the next bags that consumers bring in have your brand’s logo and message on it? We offer a multitude of different options, and at a cost-effective price point and a large imprint area for your logo, you’ll get great exposure in a high-trafficked area.

Office supplies are not only commonly used, but commonly thrown away or lost in the day-to-day shuffle. Recycled pens, post-it pads, highlighters, and notebooks are a great way to get your office thinking “green” and a fantastic way to raise awareness for your brand, as these items are universally used in a variety of different settings.

Exercise items are great for giveaways and motivators for any weight loss campaign. We have eco-friendly water bottles, drawstring gym bags, and even form-fitting sweatshirts for those cooler morning runs! The most effecting promotional products will be those that offer noticeable imprint areas for your brand’s logo or message, and have a practical use. There is no better marriage of both of these attributes than everyday workout items.

Take part in this year’s Earth Day with high-quality eco-friendly products from Crestline. Not only will you feel good about promoting sustainable, practical products that offer high brand visibility and use, but you’ll also be connecting in the larger movement of environmental practices, thus connecting with a new, specialized, customer base in the process.

Finally the weather is starting to find a comfortable temperature above freezing. That means it’s almost time for those outdoor fundraisers you’ve been preparing for since the end of last year’s fundraisers.

Parades, 5K’s, and fairs are places you can spread your message and raise money for a specific cause. But one of the larger goals for the event is to stay top of mind with the people you reach. Contributions and volunteers are needed throughout the year to keep things moving forward, even after the booths are closed down and people have gone home at the end of the day.

There are ways for your message to go further, staying top of mind for months and even years.  And we’re here with the tools to make that happen. In the United States, 58% of people own branded products like pens, water bottles, and t-shirts. The trick is to find the best price on an item that will last, but also one that people will want to use often.

Our products are categorized for maximum efficiency. Shop the awareness items section for imprinted keychains, customized magnets, and personalized wristlets if you are interested in higher quantities that will be shared to large crowds of people.

For promotional giveaways that are more likely to be used frequently, you can stay within budget with logoed water bottles and tumblers or reusable grocery totes. The Bike and Sports Bottle has routinely performed as one of our best sellers for being both usable and affordable. Plus there are dozens of color combinations available between the bottle and the cap.

If you are considering doing a raffle, we have customizable products that can be used as prizes. If you aren’t considering a raffle, we still have great products you can gift to those that make larger donations or put in extra effort to make your event a success. For raffles, promotional t-shirts, baseball caps, drawstring bags and even camp chairs can be ordered in lower quantities. These are popular giveaways that are low cost, but make it easier for more people to walk away with something.

Our promotional products experts are here to provide ideas and help answer any questions you may have. We make it a point to make your event our own, taking extra care to maximize your imprint, offer the best, most appropriate options, and get everything to you ahead of your event.

Fundraising with Promo Products



When you decide to use custom imprinted t-shirts for your next event, choose from the Hanes® apparel line to take your dollar further. We partnered with this trusted brand to offer box tops for schools in your community.

Here’s how it works. When you order Hanes® tees or hoodies, in either adult or youth sizes, you qualify for box tops. Just submit your invoice with the Hanes® Redemption Form through mail or email. In 3-4 weeks, you’ll receive an email confirming that the eBox Tops have been credited to the school of your choice. And that’s it! (Find the redemption form and mailing info here.)

You get quality apparel personalized with your imprint and you get to help out local schools. Use customized tees for family reunions, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, 5K’s, school events, summer camp programs, or any time you want your group to stand out from the crowd. Speak to our promotional products experts today and have your promotional tees in time for your big event.


The CFO and CEO want “Big Data”.

However, everyone needs actionable data including the CFO and CEO.

The problem lies in the little data. The little data is all the data that is floating all around your company unorganized including your duplicate customer records, your unmatched product numbers, and so on.

At Crestline, we have more data coming in today than ever before.  We are utilizing this data in exciting ways to better serve our customers.  Yet we still have room to improve in efficiency, data quality, and better understand the story behind the data.

Recently we implemented the Informatica Product Information Manager (PIM) which has been a huge success for our ability to deliver new products quickly to our customers through our web site and our print catalog.  In the first 3 months of 2014 using our new PIM, we’ve exceeded the total products added and updated through all of 2013!  We’ll be sharing our story at Informatica world May 12th in Las Vegas along with giving out some great giveaways from our fantastic selection of promotional products (including this cool new GAP STICK).

Beyond sharing our Informatica PIM success story, I’m most excited about the data governance track as we, like most people, can do a better job with our overall data governance.  Having a chance to engage with and hear success stories on data governance from expert practitioners will help deliver more value to our organization.

It will also be fun to hear legendary Ray Kurzweil paint a mind-boggling portrait of the future of humanity, but the real value is in the breakout sessions and networking.  Join me and hundreds of others as we descend on Las Vegas to get more from our data and use data to support our strategic initiatives.  If you do come, be sure to join me at my session “Best Practices for Product Information Management in E-Commerce” to get some great tips as well as perhaps a very cool promotional product.

To register for Informatica World, click here. To learn more about the conference and keynotes, click here.

Dale Denham, MAS+, is the promotional products industry’s top technologist and our Chief Information Officer.

Dale Denham

Each May, we honor two of the largest work forces in the country: teachers and nurses. We admire them for their selflessness, hard work, and the incredible impact they make on people every day. For all the times it goes unsaid, we want to say “thank you.”

There are many ways to show our appreciation as employers and as the people they work with. Try these 5 tips for the nurses and teachers in your life.

  1. Handmade gifts are a heartfelt way to acknowledge the difference that’s been made due to their hard work. And it’s a good pick-me-up to draw strength from on the days that aren’t so great.
  2. Treat your favorite nurse or teacher with a gift card. It can be to a restaurant or a spa, or someplace you know they enjoy. With all the ways they give, it’s a welcome break to be on the receiving end.
  3. Get the community involved. Businesses can display their support of local nurses and teachers by wearing pins or hanging signs and drawings. With a public show of support, nurses and teachers throughout the area will have a chance to see the deep appreciation people have for them.
  4. Employers can host a special luncheon or even a banquet for their employees on the front lines. It’s a chance to de-stress and enjoy each other’s company. Take it one step further with customized awards to highlight those that go the extra mile.
  5. Employers can also offer custom printed gifts, like tote bags, coffee mugs, and business padfolios. At Crestline, we can add your school or medical office’s logo to items like these and more. If you aren’t sure about how to do this, we encourage you to speak to one of our promotional products experts at 1-866-488-4975.

In May we make time to show our appreciation for nurses and teachers, but there are thousands of others who deserve our appreciation throughout the year. Small gestures can be just as meaningful as large ones. From pins showing support, to gifts, to custom awards, remember Crestline as your promotional products provider to personalize your next event.

After this year’s exceptionally cold winter, it’s high time for warm t-shirt weather. Did you know that branded apparel creates the best retention for those that receive it? Better than drinkware, tech accessories, and bags! Start taking your brand further with these 5 ways to use use t-shirts for your business, organization, or group.106022_21V

  1. Having a family reunion? Or even better, a bachelorette party? T-shirts come in many different styles, from comfortable and sporty, to a more flattering fit. Stand out from the crowds with matching tees. Kick it up a notch with varied colors, all using the same imprint. And this is a must-have for group outings with children, like summer camps and school field trips.
  2. Rally around those in need with fundraisers. This works for animal shelters, individuals going through a hardship, or community disasters. Offer t-shirts for sale with the cause imprinted largely on the front or back. Combine with these other imprinted awareness items, like keychains and wristlets, for maximum results.
  3. Custom printed t-shirts are a great way to spread awareness for your cause. The 106413_86R_1large imprint area makes your message easy to see from a distance. The more people who know about your fundraising campaign, the more people that can help.
  4. Small businesses, especially local restaurants or sports shops, can solidify their brand in surrounding areas with promotional products that are easy to see. Reusable grocery totes work well, but t-shirts allow large groups of people to become familiar with your brand even when they aren’t shopping.
  5. T-shirts or hats are often used to capture memories. T-shirts in gift shops offer guests a chance to reminisce about their visit every time they put it on. This could be for museums, aquariums, zoos, and anywhere people travel great distances to visit.

Rely on promotional products that take your advertising dollars further. Branded apparel, especially t-shirts, are proven to create stronger brand retention with the recipient. Stand out from your competition by making people think of you. We’re here with customizable products to make that happen. Call and speak to one of our promotional products experts today at 1-866-488-4975 and we’ll help get you started.

Want the best head turning giveaways for your organization? Crestline is always shopping around for the latest trends at the best prices. Our goal is to get your organization extra attention with promotional products. Ranging from hot and new to tried and true, our consultants have years of experience to suggest the best products for your event. Below are 5 popular trends for 2014.

  1. Trends aren’t always about the newest item. Branded drinkware has been a top category for years, and that’s because studies show they work to connect companies with their target audience. Though their styles and colors may constantly change, the idea stays the same. These versatile giveaways are used at home, in the office, and everywhere in between. Add your logo to new drinkware items like the Party Ceramic Mug or Circa Two Water Bottle for repeated brand exposure.
  2. More people are paying attention to their carbon footprint and they are taking a closer look at companies that do the same. This can be a small change, like grocery stores purchasing from local farms, to stores switching from plastic bags to reusable ones. Share how your organization is helping the environment with an eco-friendly giveaway. The NatureAd™ Heart Corn Mug is made from Earth-friendly US corn plastic and would be a welcome addition in any home.
  3. Show your support for individuals working to improve their lives with helpful imprinted health and fitness giveaways. The new Safety Light Arm Band makes it easier for vehicles to see runners and walkers in low light, like early morning and late afternoon. Share these with members in your community as a simple reminder to be safe on the roads.
  4. Show off your multi-color logo as it was meant to be seen. More and more products are offering a full color imprint. Take advantage of this trend with personal care items, like lip balm, that are kept close at hand for maximum exposure. The Sunscreen Protection Spray is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket and is perfect for a quick sunscreen touch-up.
  5. You won’t go wrong with tech accessories, like screen wipes and pen/stylus combos. Since so much of our day is spent with electronics, you want to be visible on and around these must-haves. The Millennium Leather Folio for the iPad Air protects against bumps and falls and offers a large imprint area for your logo.

The top two reasons people hold onto the promotional giveaways they receive are that they are attractive and they are usable. We have dozens of items that are attractive, usable, and trendy to connect your brand to your intended audience. Reach out to our talented representatives to learn more about which products can work best for you. Call us at 1-866-488-4975 or speak with us online with Live Chat.

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