In a little over a week, we will officially be saying “hello” to fall! For a minute we were sad to say goodbye to summer,  until we remembered that fall brings us football and tailgating! Football is America’s favorite sport, and the season is in full swing. Many football fans have traditions that are built around a specific team, whether it is the local high school, college or NFL team. One of those traditions is often game day parties at home or around a tailgate in the stadium parking lot. These fans are definitely passionate about their sport and know how to celebrate their team! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to guarantee that your business is being represented at their next party or tailgating event.

Keep the fan spirit alive with these great game day promotional items!grill

Let’s start with a tailgating must have—the Backcountry cooler grill is portable and perfect for all outdoor cooking and keeping your food and drinks cold! This ingenious promotional product will ensure that your customers never forget your name.

Items such as an imprinted camp chair or a promotional cooler are also great tailgating must haves that recipients will love to get their hands on.


konaFor many people in America, fall means chilly weather. If game day celebrations are taking place outside around a tailgate or in the stands, you’re customers are going to want to have some of these items:

The Kona Vacuum Tumbler is a great tumbler for hot and cold beverages. Warm up with a cup of coffee while watching the game, if you are fortunate enough to live in warmer climates, fill it with your favorite cold beverage and it will maintain a perfect temperature. In addition, tumblers are items that people love to keep around! Not only will they bring this great promotional tumbler to the game, but they will also love to bring it to work or to other winter activities–that sounds like great repeat brand exposure to us!blanket

The trio blanket is another perfect giveaway for fans attending games anywhere. The fleece blanket will keep away the chill when you need it. When you don’t it conveniently folds up into an imprinted bag and will double as a stadium cushion. This giveaway is sure to get your brand noticed and fans will love using it. Sounds like a win!

If you’re looking for something small that will pull in a lot of impressions for your brand on game day, items like spirit megaphones, mini sports balls, plush mascots or foam mitts are sure to get the job done.

These great game day items will help to spread your brands message and awareness all season long–What promotional items will you be grabbing for game day??


Trade shows are a great opportunity to share your products and services with an interested community and generate valuable sales leads. While trade shows can be very beneficial, they can also be a great waste if a company does not properly prepare. We are here to guide you through the process of using your own unique promotional products to successfully stand out and impress at your next trade show.

Tradeshows are a marketing tactic, in order for them to be successful; they need an established marketing plan. You must make sure that the show fits your marketing goals and is going to deliver you actual return, because we all know trade shows are not cheap!

Promotional product giveaways should also be chosen well in advanced. This will guarantee that you have the proper funds, and are not just running to the store to buy 5 bags of mixed mini candy bars the morning of the show. Promotional products, giveaways, freebies-whatever you want to call them are an important part of your trade show exhibit. Promotional products should be selected with your designated target in mind. Be creative when making a choice; don’t just think of the items that you have been given at trade shows in the past. Think of what item would be awesome to receive! Bowls of candy, stress balls and pens all have a place, but if your goal is to stand out, be remembered and thank your guests for spending time at your booth; you’re going to want to think of something a little more innovative.


Picking the right promotional product is important for a number of reasons:

  1. They help you speak to someone who is actually interested in what you have to offer. When you put a bowl of candy on your booth, anyone passing by not wanting to engage in a conversation will just grab one. When you pick something that you know that specifically your target will love and relate to, they will want to come over and check out what you’re all about because you have proven to have something they like.
  2. Pick an item that is going to assist in the delivery of your message. If you’re a branding company and your message is that you make brands speak loudly to their audience, don’t give out headphones, give out speakers. This will help the potential customer remember you better when they go home from the show. Your message will resonate more clearly, and they will remember who you are.
  3. Consider the positioning of your item. By keeping your giveaways out of the direct reach of those passing by, you are able to hand them to valuable guests who stop at your booth and are engaged and interested. You lose the waste of the traffic that is just passing by to grab the freebies and gain more actual leads.

Do not just use promotional products for the purpose of giving guests something tangible to walk away with, pick something that will actually provide you return on your investment and will help your leads remember just exactly who you were.

A few closing tips; stay at your booth until the last guest walks out the door. Trade shows are long, your staff will most definitely be tired, but don’t be the guy that starts packing up as soon as the crown starts to thin out. Guests who are still there will not want to bother you if you look like your packing up and you may miss out on a big opportunity. Finally, only give away items that are non-breakable and small enough to pack in luggage or travel with, otherwise they might end up in the trash.


What is better than a great deal? A safe deal. Recently at Crestline, we have been looking into the safety of personal care items that are manufactured overseas. We have made the decision to remove all Lip Balm and Hand Sanitizers that are not made in the USA from our website. Why would we do this? We feel that our customer’s safety is of the utmost importance, and we know you do too.

When personal care products such as lip balms and sanitizers are manufactured overseas and imported for relabeling, they are under much less scrutiny and supervision than those that are made and distributed in the United States.  The reason for this is that the FDA does not have the ability to successfully audit overseas as they can in the US. Although overseas suppliers are required to follow the same rules and regulations as the US, it is much more difficult to know if they are actually being followed.

lipbalm.sanitizerManufacturing facilities in the US are audited and inspected often. If they fail to meet the requirements and regulations of the FDA, they are temporarily shut down until they can comply. US facilities must stay registered with the FDA in order to remain in compliance which requires that every step of their operation is up to standards; machinery, packaging, ingredients, labeling. All registration tests and inspections must be done through a third party source to guarantee that there is no conflict of interest. These measures make products made in the USA as safe as they can be.

Quality assurance is difficult to verify when it comes to overseas manufacturing. In order to be sure that products coming to US distributors from overseas manufacturers are safe, the distributor would have to do their own audits to ensure that ingredients and equipment is up to regulation. This process is expensive and time consuming for distributors; inevitably it would lead to higher prices on those products. Distributors also do not have the ability to shut down a facility if it does happen to be non-compliant.

By selling lip balms and sanitizer that are made in the USA we can be confident that they are registered and meet the FDA’s safety requirements. Our customer’s happiness and well-being is of the utmost importance to us. We are continuously adapting the way we operate based on newest safety concerns and government regulations. We want you to be aware that we take potential product safety concerns very seriously. Our customers deserve the best and we will do what we can to provide only that.

Made in the USA

Shop our entire Made in the USA collection.

The best way to get the highest return from your promotional product investment is picking products that you know your customers will love to use. Amplify your next campaign with a few desk essentials and you can be sure your customers will think of you often.

Basic items make great giveaways because of their practicality; pens, sticky notes, letter openers are all essential to office life. Office items have a long shelf life and deliver repeated brand impressions. If you know that the majority of your customers are working in an office, use this opportunity to forge relationships! Imprint your logo on some of these great office products!




There is a reason that pens have withstood the test of time as a great promotional product. People cannot resist a good pen! With so many options to day for standard pens as well as highlighter pens and stylus pens, its no wonder why companies love putting their logo on them.



Convenient health items like hand sanitizers and bandage holders are also great office promotional items! Help your customers be prepared for those unexpected paper cuts and messes, they’ll think of you when you have their back.



Office tools like letter openers and pencil sharpeners are always great to have around. Office workers who work in billing or receive lots of mail will love having a letter opener kicking around. Pencil sharpeners are great to keep in a drawer for those moments when you need a sharp pencil to be extra precise.


USB Flash Drives are great storage devices that come in all different looks and sizes and are essential for office workers. These powerful gadgets will store all your data and make transporting it easy. Bonus: at Crestline, we ship flash drives free of charge.



Last week at Crestline, we celebrated a whole week of fun and wellness! The week was full of company wide events, healthy lunches and opportunities to learn about wellness. Some of our events included a 5k walk or run, a softball game, and other indoor events. We also had a wellness fair where employees were exposed to all of the great local health resources that exist within our community. Not only was the whole week a great time, it was also a great opportunity for associates to interact with others in different departments throughout the company, something we don’t always get the opportunity to do! 

Encouraging health and wellness in the workplace is something that can often be overlooked. At Crestline, we make it a point to put an emphasis on healthy practices so that our employees take it seriously and want to incorporate these practices into everyday life. We are always looking for more opportunities to encourage wellness and to support our staff in their health and wellness endeavors.

Why is this so important to us? We love serving our customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. A healthy workforce makes efficiency, productivity, and profitability possible. Not only is this great for us, but it is great for our customers too!

There are many benefits to implementing healthy practices in the workplace outside of productivity and efficiency. Promoting and organizing opportunities for employees to be healthy can also lead to increased self-esteem and self-determination that will not only influence them, but their families and those around them as well. In addition, providing opportunities for wellness can lead to stronger employee relationships in the work place.



Here are a few products you can give to your employees to get them excited about health and wellness at work!

Infuser bottle adds a healthy twist to your water!

Infuser bottle adds a healthy twist to your water!

Resistance Bands make for a great workout, even from your office!

Resistance Bands make for a great workout, even from your office!

Keep track of how many steps you take at work each day!

Keep track of how many steps you take at work each day!

Jump Ropes are a fun and easy way to get your heart pumping!

Jump Ropes are a fun and easy way to get your heart pumping!











Nancy Lavoie, Employee Relations Manager

“Health Promotion in the Workplace.” Health Promotion in the Workplace. Labour Inspection & Occupational Safety & Health, 15 June 2009. Web. 11 Aug. 2014.

Back-to-school season brings out a lot of feelings; while many of the students are excited to be reunited with friends they haven’t seen in what seems like a lifetime, they are not always as excited to slip back into their routine. Having class all day and spending nights doing assignments is never as fun as getting lost in the oblivion that is Netflix. The educational institutions however feel much different about back-to-school season, although it is a busy and stressful time in itself, the anticipation of having full halls again warms them.

At Crestline we are all about making things easy for you; granted we can’t take away all the stress of making sure all the last minute maintenance is done, and we can’t put the worried parents at ease, what we can do is make sure that you are able to welcome your students back in style. We have what you need to make new students feel welcomed and make old students remember why they chose you over any other school.


We have compiled a list of awesome products that students are sure to love, share, and thank you for.


The Detour Tech Sleeve is great for students to keep their tablets protected in between classes. The neoprene material is protective and can also be imprinted to give it a pop of color. The sleeve is large enough for an iPad, or like sized tablet.



The Thunderbolt Charger is ideal for long days on the go. The power bank is suitable for Android or iPhone. It has the power to give your phone a boost and provide up to 8 hours of additional talk time. After a day of classes and extracurricular activities, it is likely that your student’s phone battery will be drained before they make it home. The thunderbolt charger allows them to stay in touch all day.

product 3



The Libra Drawstring Backpack is perfect for carrying gym clothes or other athletic gear. Your students will never want to leave home without it! It’s stylish, comfortable to carry and eye-catching!



This retractable highlighter is a staple study item! The convenient retractable tip keeps the ink fresh in between uses.



The New Reflections Locker Mirror has a magnetic back that makes it a convenient way for students to freshen up before or after classes. The imprint section on the bottom doubles as a clip that can hold small notes or photos making it a great way for students to personalize their space.

product 5


Students are a powerful audience, get your brand in their hands.

Finding a promotional product that is sure to deliver your business return on investment is not always easy. We know that you understand your customer better than anyone else, but regardless, sometimes you need help finding an item that will properly grab their attention. At Crestline we specialize in pairing our customers with items that are perfect for the businesses goals whether it’s fundraising, promoting or rewarding your employee’s hard work.

Recently, a high school needed a promotional product for their educational and sporting events that could be purchased to help raise funds for the school’s sports teams. They found that the Camp Chair was a perfect fit for their needs. The camp chair is incredibly durable, easy to carry, and also provides an imprint area that was large enough for the schools name and mascot to be displayed proudly. The practicality and convenience of this product made it a huge hit with trending demand. Parents, students and community members were able to purchase the chairs and use them at all of the school events.

Not only did the school sell all of the chairs that they had ordered, but they did so in the first week!! The chairs were available in the school spirit store that was open during sporting events, this convenience drove the sales. The great quality and fun design kept the chair in high demand; the school has had to reorder several times to keep up with all of the requests.

The camp chair made this fundraiser successful because of its relevance to the cause and its unique appeal. If you are looking for the perfect item to use for your fundraiser or your next promotional event, the camp chair has the large imprint area you need to stand out and fun colors to grab your customer’s attention. Your brands exposure and ROI is limitless!

Our sales representatives are happy to be a resource for your business, if you are looking for help to find an item that will communicate your brands message or have questions about ordering, know that we are ready to serve you.camp chair

Fun-filled college functions–like orientation, parents & family weekend, sports games, and more–are happening throughout the year. With so many passionate students and fans participating, portable party equipment is a must!

To integrate into this college scene, a major beverage company used the Portable Party Cooler to help raise brand awareness for their products. These coolers, filled with different soda and flavored water brands, were distributed at various college functions throughout the country. Each cooler prominently featured the company’s logo, website, and even included discount coupons for a variety of products.

The Portable Party Coolers proved to be a huge success with college students and for the beverage company. Not only were the students able to sample the different beverages, with the coolers making their way around campus, the company’s brand received increased exposure to thousands of potential clients!


It’s amazing what you can add your logo to! At Crestline, we offer pens, bags and water bottles, but the options can seem endless. Would you imagine you could imprint shoe horns? Or add your logo to lollipops?

Your options for promotional products are diverse and so are the options for adding art. Let’s say you have a round logo that includes a figure with some text below. The text is easy to read and the all of the details of the logo are sharp when printed on t-shirts.

If you decided to add custom printed pens to your order, there would be some major concerns about using the same imprint. The large logo that stretches across the t-shirts wouldn’t fit on the narrow barrel of a pen. The details would look like blotches and the text would be too small to make out. Simple shapes and large text, like the company name and a best phone number, would look much better on the pens.

The reverse is also true. We recommend imprints with simple shapes and text for a 4” x 6” magnet. You wouldn’t want to squish a bunch of information together in such a limited space. But with a beach towel, you have plenty of space to get creative and the logo can be seen from a distance.

Each product has its own imprint size and imprint method. And since we partner with dozens of suppliers across the country, your order of 3 items could be produced in 3 different states. These variables, along with the physical stopping, changing, and resetting of imprinting equipment between orders, are the reason behind the set up charge most products have.

This month, we’re offering some of our best sellers with a FREE setup. Save $90 on either the 6’ or 8’ table throw with a 1-color imprint. Or save $60 with a free setup on the Six Pack Cooler. Add some extra value to your order with these great discounts. See these sale items and more, discounted now through 5/30/14.


Earth Day BlogWe have come a long way from massive V-8 sedans, industry-causing air pollution, and the word “environment” appearing more frequently on school spelling bees than on the evening news. Today, we have greater innovation in environmental, industry, and recycling practices, and companies small and large have an added emphasis on sustainable practices – all culminating in a cleaner planet for the current and future generations.

At Crestline, we take our environmental footprint seriously, and are proud to offer a wide-array of eco-friendly promotional products that you can utilize for your brand’s next promotion or giveaway. You might have seen the increased use of personal grocery tote bags at your local store; why not make sure the next bags that consumers bring in have your brand’s logo and message on it? We offer a multitude of different options, and at a cost-effective price point and a large imprint area for your logo, you’ll get great exposure in a high-trafficked area.

Office supplies are not only commonly used, but commonly thrown away or lost in the day-to-day shuffle. Recycled pens, post-it pads, highlighters, and notebooks are a great way to get your office thinking “green” and a fantastic way to raise awareness for your brand, as these items are universally used in a variety of different settings.

Exercise items are great for giveaways and motivators for any weight loss campaign. We have eco-friendly water bottles, drawstring gym bags, and even form-fitting sweatshirts for those cooler morning runs! The most effecting promotional products will be those that offer noticeable imprint areas for your brand’s logo or message, and have a practical use. There is no better marriage of both of these attributes than everyday workout items.

Take part in this year’s Earth Day with high-quality eco-friendly products from Crestline. Not only will you feel good about promoting sustainable, practical products that offer high brand visibility and use, but you’ll also be connecting in the larger movement of environmental practices, thus connecting with a new, specialized, customer base in the process.

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