The Power of Promotional Writing Instruments

    Have you ever wondered what makes promotional pens so popular? Nearly every educational institution, bank, and hotel have custom writing instruments with their business name on it. Pens are often inexpensive, come in a vast variety of styles and can be used by anyone are a few of the factors that have driven the promotional pen to overwhelming success. The ballpoint pen was invented in 1938 by László Bíró, a journalist from Hungary, and are now one of the most common pens used for promotional purposes. Ballpoint pens offer quick-drying ink and write smoothly which is why most people enjoy writing with them. In the U.S., 56% of promotional product consumers own a promotional pen and say that they have received at least one promotional pen in the last 12 months, making them the most popular promotional item. Custom apparel (48%) and bags (34%) follow behind in second and … Read More

Getting Started with Promotional Apparel

What better way to share your brand than by wearing it? 48% of U.S. consumers own logoed shirts making custom apparel one of the top selling categories in the promotional product industry. Promotional apparel can be used for any business and can be implemented in many ways to successfully share your logo. 57% of U.S. consumers feel more favorable about the advertiser who gave them a promotional shirt—that’s a great reason to customize your own! How to Use Promotional Apparel Uniforms Custom apparel can be used as corporate dress to give your business a professional appearance. Promotional apparel makes employees easy to spot at events and in stores. It also is a way for you to further identify what your brand is all about and set the tone of your storefront, booth or event. Tees, polos and other apparel items also make great uniforms for recreational sports and other team events. … Read More

The Power of Promotional Calendars

Get a jump on the 2016 year by putting your logo on custom printed calendars today. Calendars are a convenient way to keep track of appointments, events, vacations and more. By putting your logo on a promotional calendar, you are allowing your brand to become a part of the recipients day-to-day activities. Here are 6 reasons to put your logo on a promotional calendar: 1. Recipients will think of your brand every time they look at their calendar, which will increase business with your brand and increase sales revenue for you! 2. The average household has 3.12 printed calendars!! Don’t think that just because your customer already has a calendar that they will not use yours. Many people keep promotional calendars in more than one room of their home because they are useful and easy to keep around! 3. 75% of households depend on a kitchen calendar. The kitchen is … Read More

Promotional Products for On-Campus Organizations

Campus organizations are a huge part of the college experience! Getting involved in campus clubs and organizations is a great way to explore your interests, make a positive impact on your community, network and develop personally and professionally. Help share your campus organization and the rewarding experiences that it offers through the use of promotional products. Promotional products can be used by student organizations to recruit new members, give the group a united appearance, fundraise and share your core message at events and activities on campus and in the community. What items work for on-campus organizations? Apparel Apparel items such as T-shirts, polos and hoodies are a perfect way to welcome new members to your student organization or kick off the year or event! Custom apparel gives your organization a uniform look when you attend events. Apparel items also are a great way to regularly spread awareness for your organization … Read More

6 Inexpensive Ways to Thank Your Customers

  There is a quote by Philip Kotler that says, “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.” We think it is safe to say that anyone who works in the customer service industry would agree. If your customers are not satisfied, you may need to make some vital improvements to the way you do business. Loyal, satisfied customers are such an important part of any business, so we wanted to offer some ways for you to show your appreciation towards your most loyal customers. Whether your business is based online, has one storefront or many storefronts, there are small gestures that you can make to show customers that their business is appreciated even on a small budget! Here are some of our favorite ways to say thanks to your customers with items that are all under $5.00 each. Give swag to new customers—show new customers that you appreciate their … Read More

5 Reasons to Bring Your Own Bag on Your Next Shopping Trip

  Did you know that a single use plastic shopping bag can take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose? And even worse, they are not biodegradable– meaning that when they do decompose, they dissolve into toxic particles, a process that most frequently occurs in the ocean.  This is why the implementation of reusable grocery totes has been on the rise. Why Should You Bring Your Own Bag? It’s no secret that reusable bags are better for the environment. They last longer and can be used more times than single use plastic bags, plus, some of them are made from already recycled materials making them even more eco-friendly.  Many stores and supermarkets across the country have started charging shoppers for every plastic or paper bag they receive during their shopping trip. If you have not already made the switch to reusable bags, here are a few of our favorite … Read More

45 Ways to use the Whizzie™ Spotter Tie

The Whizzie™ Spotter Tie is an extremely versatile and fun item that the staff at Crestline has taken a liking for. If you’ve never heard of the Whizzie™, you’re not alone! The product is very simple, it is a silicone band that can be used to attach, mark or hold items together. It is a unique item because it gives recipients a lot of room for creativity, there are literally an endless number of ways to use this product. Some of the most common uses are for organization, labeling and making things easy to spot; like your suitcase on the luggage carousel. In order to show you just how diverse the Whizzie™ Spotter Tie can be, we decided to compile a working list of possible ways that the Whizzie™ could work during your promotion or in everyday life! Here is what we have come up with— 45 ways to use the Whizzie™ … Read More

The Perfect Swag Bag For Your Next Promotion

The Fantastic Five Using swag bags or giveaways at your event or promotion is a powerful way to boost loyalty, brand awareness and impressions. But, creating the perfect gift bag is hard. Whether you need a gift bag to give out to employees to show your appreciation, to welcome new clients, or to hand out to event participants, it’s important to make sure that your gift bag is full of items that your recipients will be able to use. At Crestline, we love any opportunity to make your life easier. We know you’re busy. We know you want to put together the best swag bag for your promotion. We also know that you only want to put your logo on the best items. That’s why we have the Fantastic Five kit. This kit is five brilliant items, imprinted with your logo, guaranteed to be a big hit with recipients! The … Read More

Using Promotional Products At New Student Orientation

Over the upcoming weeks, schools all across the country will be hosting orientations for incoming higher education students and their families. Orientations are an opportunity for academic institutions to shed light on questions, calm anxieties and provide information about college life. Orientations are meant to ease the transition into the college or university and help make the students and their families feel welcomed. Educational promotional items are a great way to make your orientation a success and help students find their school spirit! Promotional products are the perfect way to connect with new students on orientation day. Having items that represent their new school will make new students proud, and choosing items that will be useful during their first semester will ensure that they use them day after day. Promotional products can be used on orientation day to make your school looks its best for parents and students and will get … Read More

Welcoming New Employees With Custom Gifts

The first day of work at a new company can be overwhelming, stressful and maybe even a little awkward. Not knowing the layout of the building, coworkers or the normal daily schedule can leave a new employee feeling a little lost. Making employees feel welcome on their first day will set the stage for how they feel about your company going forward and it is a great way to help them transition into your companies culture. Recruiting, hiring and training new employees is an investment in your company, so it is worth your while to make sure that these new employees get off to a great start. How does your company welcome new employees? One great way to make employees fall in love with your company from the start is through the use of branded welcome gifts. Welcome gifts make the new employee feel appreciated and like they are a … Read More

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