Using Promotional Products At New Student Orientation

Over the upcoming weeks, schools all across the country will be hosting orientations for incoming higher education students and their families. Orientations are an opportunity for academic institutions to shed light on questions, calm anxieties and provide information about college life. Orientations are meant to ease the transition into the college or university and help make the students and their families feel welcomed. Educational promotional items are a great way to make your orientation a success and help students find their school spirit! Promotional products are the perfect way to connect with new students on orientation day. Having items that represent their new school will make new students proud, and choosing items that will be useful during their first semester will ensure that they use them day after day. Promotional products can be used on orientation day to make your school looks its best for parents and students and will get … Read More

Welcoming New Employees With Custom Gifts

The first day of work at a new company can be overwhelming, stressful and maybe even a little awkward. Not knowing the layout of the building, coworkers or the normal daily schedule can leave a new employee feeling a little lost. Making employees feel welcome on their first day will set the stage for how they feel about your company going forward and it is a great way to help them transition into your companies culture. Recruiting, hiring and training new employees is an investment in your company, so it is worth your while to make sure that these new employees get off to a great start. How does your company welcome new employees? One great way to make employees fall in love with your company from the start is through the use of branded welcome gifts. Welcome gifts make the new employee feel appreciated and like they are a … Read More

Our Most Popular Kitchen & Home Products for 2015

Did you know that 91% of consumers have a promotional item in their kitchen at home? And on average, they spend around 3-5 hours in the kitchen per day. If you are looking for items that bring in an ample amount of repeat impressions for your next promotion, custom home and kitchen items are the perfect place to start! Custom home and kitchen gifts and giveaways are kept because they are handy, useful and convenient. A fridge magnet from your insurance agent can be used to hold important notes or bills, but it can also be referenced quickly when you need to reach your agent. A custom coffee mug can help you wake up every morning and it can also remind you that your cities annual summer festival is coming right up. Promotional products for the home are a perfect way to integrate your brand into your customer’s everyday lives. … Read More

Promotional Products for Government Agencies

Calling all government agencies! Are you harnessing the power of promotional products? Promotional products will make your agency whether it is local, state or federal, more visible to the community. Government promotional products encourage unity, support and pride among recipients. There is more to government promotional products than bumper stickers, buttons and banners. Agencies of all types; transportation, public safety, parks and recreation, social services and more can all take advantage of promotional items to share their message or spread awareness for the services that the agency has to offer. Promotional Products in Action One police department in Kentucky used promotional mugs as a giveaway at their annual awards banquet. The mugs came in their signature “police Blue”, fit their budget and were the perfect size gift to be added to each table setting. Recipients were pleased with the mugs and were happy to have something that represented their local … Read More

Look Professional & Sell More at Your Next Trade Show

Do you have a trade show or expo coming up? Whether it is your first trade show or your fourteenth, we have some easy tips that will help you look professional and sell more at your next show. We know that when it comes to grabbing attention, a little bit of extra focus on presentation can go a long way when it comes to your end return. What can you do before the event? Leading up to your trade show(s),  you should do your best to promote the event like it is your own to anyone you think could be a valuable lead if they learned more about your product or service. This means to prospects, customers or even local businesses in your area. If you think that educating these groups could make them want to purchase more, or become a customer, it is valuable to let them know about … Read More

How to Use Promotional Floor Mats for Your Marketing

When it comes to making your brand memorable, creating a look that is uniform and clean can have a big impact on your success. One way to tidy up your brands appearance is with floor mats.  Promotional floor mats can serve as indoor billboards for your brand. They are a great vehicle for sharing your message and they provide high exposure at a low cost. Why Use Floor Mats? Presentation Whether it is in your store front or by your booth at a trade show, floor mats help to brand your space and add to your overall presentation. Custom floor mats will tie in perfectly with the rest of your branding elements such as table throws, signage, and other accessories. Protection Floor mats help protect the surface that they cover. Putting floor mats in high traffic areas such as the entrance, in front of your desk, point of purchase area … Read More

6 Easy Ways to Stay Safe this Summer

Summer is an exciting time of year! There is so much to do outdoors and in nature– from awareness walks to company outings. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in all the fun and forget about basic safety essentials. Whether you plan on biking, swimming, barbecuing or just relaxing outdoors this summer, there are dangers that can occur from being in the sun, extreme heat, and from being more active outside. Here are a few safety tips to follow this summer and some products that can protect you in unexpected or potentially dangerous situations. Summer Safety Tips:   Always remember sun protection! Wearing a sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays is a must for summer fun. Sunglasses are also highly recommended for protecting your eyes in the sunlight. You can still get sun burnt on days that are cloudy or not very hot. You … Read More

New Product Spotlight: Essential Oils for Promotional Use

Crestline recently started carrying a line of custom imprinted essential oils and other products made with essential oils such as candles, soaps and bath salts. These personal care items are made in the USA and offer a lot of potential for marketing your business. We wanted to take the time to properly introduce this line and share some of the possible uses of essential oils. What Are Essential Oils? Essential oils liquids that are naturally extracted from plants. Essential oils carry strong aromas that can be beneficial to humans when used for aromatherapy. These oils are often diluted and used to diffuse their aroma or are added to other products such as hand soaps, bath salts, candles. Some, but not all essential oils, can also be ingested. What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a practice and treatment that dates back to around 460-377 BC.  This practice is the art and science of utilizing naturally … Read More

Weather Related Giveaways for Out of Area Guests

Have you ever traveled for an event and realized once you got to the location that you did not come fully prepared for the climate? When attendees are traveling to your event from out of the area, it is likely that they may not know exactly what to expect weather wise for that particular time of year. If you live in Seattle, it may seem like a no-brainer to you to bring an umbrella with you everywhere you go, but a visiting guest may not think about that. This is where climate-related promotional products can be extremely successful. Climate-related products can be used at events year round, especially in regions where the weather changes drastically from day to day or season to season. You can never go wrong with promotional products that help keep your guests prepared for the region’s weather. Weather Accessories Apparel As far as event giveaways go, apparel … Read More

10 inspiring ways to use Promotional USB Flash Drives

For a limited time at Crestline, promotional flash drives are shipping for free! This has encouraged us to think about how powerful these compact tech items are, and how they can shake up your promotion. USB flash drives make great giveaways for so many events from business conferences to educational orientations. They can be used across many industries and are beneficial to anyone who owns or uses a computer. It can be easy to think that USB flash drives don’t have a lot to offer outside of their tech capabilities, so we have put together a list of creative uses for you to try at your next promotion. Getting Creative With Promotional Flash Drives Use a flash drive to store an exclusive piece of content such as a sneak peak of a book or e-book, music or video clip or a speech you have. This is a great way to … Read More

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