10 Travel Tips for your Summer Trips

Are you going somewhere this summer? Summer is a great time to travel! Many people take time off in the summer to enjoy the nice weather, spend time with family and go somewhere new. Last year, AAA estimated that 36.1 million Americans would travel more than 50 miles over Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer travel season and 34.7 million would take a trip to wrap up the summer over Labor Day weekend. With so many consumers traveling this summer and throughout the rest of the year, putting your logo on travel items is a great way for your brand to travel with them. For many people, traveling can be stressful. When you’re packing, leaving home, catching connecting flights and exploring new territories, there is a lot of room for unexpected complications and situations! We have put together some great tips to help you travel smarter and share … Read More

Keeping You Safe & Sharing Your Brand With Promotional Sunglasses

The warm spring weather has finally made its way to the Northeast this past weekend and we are graciously welcoming it back into our lives! It’s time to put away the heavy winter layers and pull out our promotional sunglasses. We love custom sunglasses for summer events because they are a great way to share your brand and protect your eyes while looking good! Defensive Color Changing Sunglasses Crestline has a great selection of sunglasses that are fashionable and useful. One pair that we love is our Defensive Sunglasses. These wayfarer styled sunglasses are opaque when inside but quickly change to one of, four colors when exposed to UV rays. Crestline put these imprinted sunglasses to the test in the sunshine and were shocked at how bright the colors were after being in the sunlight for less than 30 seconds. As you can see below, each color is clear and vibrant when the UV … Read More

Mobile Tech Trends You Need To Know

When was the last time you intentionally left the house without your cell phone? Most people are connected with their smartphones at all times so it’s not surprising that mobile tech items are becoming more sought after in the promotional product industry. Tablet and phone items are a great way to enhance the smartphone experience for recipients by providing them with more options, abilities and protection. The industry is continuously coming out with sensational new technology items that are excellent for sharing your brand. At trade shows, conferences and other events, tech giveaways stand out because they are attractive and desirable. In a room full of custom pens and candy bowls, tech items appear cutting edge. Picking tech giveaways can be difficult to choose from in a market that is filled with so many tech devices. At Crestline, we have a variety of mobile tech giveaways that are compatible with most … Read More

What Makes Promotional Giveaways Powerful

Tchotchkes, swag, freebies, call them what you will. They are all  promotional giveaways and they are a powerful element to add to your marketing strategy. It is likely that at some point, you have received a promotional giveaway. Maybe it was at a trade show, awareness event or through a business interaction. Promotional freebies have been used relentlessly for advertising since the 1800’s! They can be anything from food gifts, to pens, to the latest tech items. If your brand has not yet discovered the power of great giveaways, we’re here to show you how effective they can be. Why Add Promotional Giveaways to Your Marketing Strategy? 1. Affordable. The cost per impression for promotional products is much lower than other forms of advertising such as television and print. Not only are promotional products more affordable, they also have a longer staying power. Unlike a radio advertisement, a promotional giveaway does … Read More

The Complete Guide to Promotional Power Banks

Knowledge is Power Technology accessories have been a category of steady growth in the promotional products industry over the past few years and that growth is expected to continue as we become more and more connected through our electronic and mobile devices. Consumers want to be connected wherever they go, whether it is a quick trip to the supermarket or an extended trip for business or pleasure. With that being said, it’s no surprise portable power has become so desirable. Power banks are still a fairly new item, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with what they do, they are portable charging devices. They store power and are able to give your device a boost no matter where you are. Like custom USB flash drives, some power banks may look exactly the same with the only difference being the capacity within the device. The capacity of a custom … Read More

3 Effective Ways to Make Your Next Promotion Eco-Friendly

Earth day has been celebrated in the United States as a day to recognize biodiversity and spread awareness of sustainable methods since 1970. Today, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of the earth and its future. Incorporating eco-friendly and organic products into your upcoming spring promotions is a great way to celebrate earth day and appeal to consumers. 47% of US consumers are buying eco-friendly household products. That’s a lot of Americans that care about the environment! Choosing an eco-friendly item is just one more perk to add to your promotion—and a great way to do something good for the earth long after earth day is over! The Earth Is What We All Have In Common. -Wendell Berry Incorporate Eco-Friendly items into your upcoming promotion: 1. Opt For Reusable Tote Bags Promotional tote bags and reusable grocery totes are becoming more and more popular as individual cities and states continue to ban … Read More

How Promotional Products Can Drive Your Online Business

Have you considered using promotional products for your online business? If you are not already using them, we hope that after reading this, you will be!! At Crestline, we believe that promotional products if used intelligently, can be effective for nearly any business. Your online business included. Just because your business model of choice lacks a physical storefront location does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the great benefits of promotional items. Whether you offer products or services for purchase, promotional products can be used to drive more traffic to your website, raise awareness of your brand and increase conversions. How can you use promotional products successfully to drive traffic to your eCommerce site? The great part about imprinted promotional products is that there are unlimited ways to use them. With a little bit of creativity and careful planning, you can implement a great campaign by putting your web address … Read More

5 Foolproof Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

April is stress awareness month, so we wanted to take some time to share with you the benefits of relaxing and relieving your stress. Everyone encounters stress, some more than others. Stress can be very harmful to your health in many ways if not properly handled. Stress management is becoming a top priority for many companies because of the negative effects of stress. Work related pressure is one of the biggest causes of stress in the United States.  Employees who are dealing with high amounts of stress can be destructive for your company. Stressed out employees are likely to cause tension with other employees and management. Having employees that do not know how to manage their stress tend to cost the company more in terms of health care, they miss more work, they are less productive, and they are more likely to leave their position. But even worse, stress is … Read More

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction With Every Order

At Crestline, we pride ourselves on our good service, quality products and of course for having the best customers on the planet!! But every once in a while, we are reminded that we are only human, and on occasion errors do occur with orders. Because we deal with multiple product sizes, types, and sometimes breakable products, we cannot always promise that your items will be delivered to you perfectly with no issues or errors. What we can promise is that we will ALWAYS do right with you. A great example of this happened recently. A client recently received their order and shared their excitement about it with us on twitter. We were so happy to see how great their custom tumblers came out and that they were so excited about them. Just minutes later, they shared another photo showing that some of the tumblers had been damaged in transit. Though … Read More

8 Inspiring & Creative Ways To Use Custom Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a desk essential that complete any workspace.  It’s likely that at some point, we have all taken advantage of the convenient notes to write a reminder or mark a page. But what about using custom sticky notes to promote your business? Promotional sticky notes are a great way to share your good name in a professional manner on a product that will always be useful. Just like custom pens and journals, sticky notes are one of those staple items that will never go out of style especially in an office or educational setting. We know you are aware of the benefits of sticky notes; they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and stand-out colors, and their sticky but non-destructive nature makes them ideal for temporarily adhering to nearly any surface.  We would like to introduce you to a few creative non-conventional ways to put your … Read More

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