The Benefits of Employee Recognition Programs

Corporate awards and recognition programs play an important role in corporate culture. They are an investment in your company that can deliver significant savings over time and improve the quality work that comes out of your employees. It is a way to show respect and appreciation for your employees for the work that they do and the role that they play in your company. In order for recognition programs to have the greatest results for your company, you must make sure that recognition is coming from the right person and that you are  recognizing efforts that are true to your companies mission. Companies must ensure that they are recognizing the right behaviors and that their praise is sincere. Behaviors that works towards company goals and values are ones that should be recognized. While it can be best for managers and upper-level employees to recognize workers, it is also extremely beneficial … Read More

10 Great Ideas to Make You Love Your Workspace

Do you spend your eight hours a day in an office or cubicle? If you do, chances are your workspace is a little drab; poor lighting and tired walls that do little to motivate you. Adding a taste of your own personality to your work-space can help you feel more comfortable, increase your productivity and reduce stress. Sprucing up your workspace is easy and depending on your company’s culture, it is most likely accepted as long as long as it does not distract you from your work. At Crestline, the majority of us operate out of cubicles and we are seasoned pros when it comes to organizing, personalizing and bettering our workspaces. Here are our top 10 tips to make you LOVE your workspace:   Start off with a great office mug! It’s no secret that for most of us, our coffee or tea is a mood-boosting treat throughout the … Read More

All About the Imprint: Customizing Your Crestline Order

Customization is what separates Crestline’s products from retail products. Your customization is the most important part of your purchase with Crestline. Because of this, there are a lot of questions that come up in regards to artwork, and how customization of products works. We want to help you understand the process and clear up any information that may be unclear to you. We asked James, one of our promotional products experts (PPE), what a few frequently asked questions are regarding artwork and customization and he helped us put together all of the answers right here for you. What image file do you need for artwork? Above you will see the preferred file types for your artwork. If you are worried about the quality of your artwork or do not have access to a high-resolution file, our graphics will do whatever they can to make what you have work. If you have questions … Read More

New Year's Resolution: A Health & Wellness Program

The New Year is a time for new resolutions and personal and professional changes whether it is to help others more, to save money or to quit a bad habit. This year, we recommend that your business makes a resolution to achieve new levels of health and wellness in your workplace. This may seem like the cliché of New Year’s resolutions, but launching (or improving) a company wellness program can be great for your company in many aspects. We promise this is one resolution that will pay to make good on. At Crestline, we do everything we can to maintain a wellness program that gives back to both the employees and the company. Employees are able to set wellness goals, track their physical activity with devices like Crestline, we do everything we can to maintain a wellness program that gives back to both the employees and the company. Employees are able … Read More

Why it's Better to Buy More in the Promotional Industry

BOGO, Two For, buy $x get a coupon for $x. Free freight etc. At a time of year when you see every type of sale known to mankind we thought it might be a great opportunity to tell you why buying more is always better in the world of promotional products. When a big box retailer like Walmart places an order for your favorite laundry soap, they buy the same exact box that every other retailer is buying. Because of this, the manufacturer can take advantage of all of those purchases when they manufacture the box and the soap itself.   If it takes two hours to create the artwork for the box and two hours to ready the press, this cost will be divided amongst the total amount of soap boxes they will be printing. Let me give you an example. If the cost to create the graphics and ready the … Read More

Encouraging Word-Of-Mouth Advertising with Promotional Products

Word of Mouth Advertising (WOM)—even if you are not a marketer, you are probably no stranger to this term. Word of mouth marketing is the natural conversation about your business and your message between a customer and another person or group, either spoken out loud or documented somewhere on the internet. This act is considered to be one of the strongest forms of customer acquisition, and it is important for businesses of all sizes. Word of mouth is so effective because of its credibility. We trust our family, friends, and other consumers in our same position. Their recommendations and opinions carry more weight than advertising spots on television or the radio. When a consumer receives impeccable service or has an experience that was better than expected, it is a natural reaction to want to share it. On the same note, when a consumer receives less than excellent service and is … Read More

Promoting with Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year

Last week, Pantone announced their 2015 color of the year—Marsala. For those of you who do not know, Pantone is a color matching system that is used most frequently in printing. You may remember us talking out PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors recently in our “Promospeak” Glossary. We use this system so that we can accurately match the color you want your imprint to show in. The color of the year is named after the deep red wine, Marsala. It is an earthy color with dark red hues and hints of brown. This rich color has the ability to make a statement and presents a warm feel. Here is what members of our Marketing say about the color:  I like the color choice. For the first time in many years Pantone has picked a classic, rich shade! I think it  is versatile and will pair well with other colors.  The tone … Read More

Surviving Exams with Effective Promotional Items

The end of the year is a magical time in the field of education; holiday festivities are in full swing, and New Year’s resolutions are taking shape and best of all winter break is just weeks away. However, for students and educators, winter break is only a reality after end of term exams. For students and teachers of every caliber, the time before winter break is a mess of squeezing in the last lessons of the year, prepping for exams and lots and lots of stress. Help your students and educators stay on track during this hectic time of year by providing them with promotional products to help them push through! Crestline has many great items to that encourage productivity and lend a hand in keeping organized. Promotional educational items will give your educational community a boost of excitement when they need it most, and help them start their next semester … Read More

Learning the language: A guide to Promotional Industry Terms

One of the hardest parts of diving into something new is adapting to a new language. Whether you’re buying a new car or looking to hire a lawyer; in order to understand what you’re looking for, you need to understand a bit of that jargon that is associated with the industry. The promotional products industry has no shortage when it comes to industry-specific terms. We want to do our best to ensure that if you are just beginning your journey with promotional products that you understand the terms that are used to communicate your ideas to our promotional product experts so that your final product gets to you exactly that way that you want it to! This glossary will fill you in on the processes used to imprint your items, the charges that you will see on your quote or on an item page as well as some of your … Read More

Supporting Company Causes with Promotional Products

71% of consumers say that they would help support a brand if there is a link to a good cause. That’s quite an astounding number, right? Many companies have causes and charities that they are committed to helping. The causes that your company supports can vary; you may be in support of sustainable or environmentally friendly practices and products, you may want to help eliminate homelessness in your community. Participating in charitable events, raising funds for a cause through your company or a commitment to spreading awareness of a social cause are things worth sharing! Promotional products are great for sharing your cause marketing efforts. They are a great way to share your corporate values with the people who they will matter to most. It can help you to acquire new customers and further satisfy current customers. What products work great for cause marketing? The products that work well for … Read More

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