The Locker Checklist—10 Must-Have Items

  Don’t let the start of the school year take you by surprise, start preparing now and enjoy the best days of summer that still are still ahead of us. When thinking about the essentials that you need for back to school season, backpacks, notebooks, a calculator, pencils may all come to mind, but we’ve put together a list of a few additional locker essentials that will help your student be prepared for the day to day proceedings of life at school! The Locker Checklist—10 Must-Have Items Academic Planner – Balancing homework assignments, extracurricular activities and a personal life can be difficult. Academic planners are an easy way to encourage scheduling and time management. Students can use the planner to keep track of assignments, due dates, practices, and anything else. Water Bottle – Busy students don’t have time to stop at a water fountain every time they need a drink! … Read More

7 New Favorites for Fall Promotions

As much as we don’t like to talk about fall when the sun is shining, it’s time to get the ball rolling and start planning for fall promotions. Fall is an excellent time to customize promotional giveaways because there is so much going on! From fall sports to orientations, school spirit, trade shows and every other occasion in between. In an attempt to build excitement for the upcoming season, we have picked 7 new favorites to share with you that are perfect for fall events of any kind. We hope you find this list inspiring! 7 New Favorites for Fall Impulse Pen and Impulse Stylus pen This pen has been a long time favorite but we have released four new exclusive colors just in time for fall! These new colors are available in both a traditional pen and a stylus pen version. They are the same exact pen that you … Read More

10 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Are your employees invested in their work? Do they show up each day with purpose and drive? Are they committed to helping the company reach their goals? If you feel like your employees would answer “no” to any of these questions, you may be facing employee engagement issues. Engaged employees are individuals who are enthusiastic about their work. They are not just going through the motions each day; they are actively pursuing their role within the company with purpose and passion. An office that is composed of engaged employees is more likely to reach success and to get there as a team. Employee engagement should be a top priority for every company and it should be more comprehensive than just handing out raises and offering free coffee in the breakroom. If you are struggling to keep your employees engaged in their work, these tips are for you. 10 Ways to … Read More

Pack Your Bags: Promotional Bags for Any Occasion

We don’t know where you’re going, but we know we have the right bag to get you there.   Promotional bags are a powerful force! Did you know that bags and totes are the number one promotional product in terms of average impressions? Coming in with over 5,700 averages impressions, it’s no surprise that bags are one hot commodity. Promotional bags are wildly popular with nearly every age group and they are used an average of 5.8 times per month by consumers who own them. Harness the power of promotional bags by customizing them for your next promotion, event or outing. 7 Different Bag Types for Your next Promotion No matter what type of event, promotion or outing you are purchasing for, there is a promotional bag that will work for you. Grab & Go Drawstring backpacks are perfect for carrying your small essentials while you’re on the go. The cinch … Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Consumer Product Safety

We are putting the spotlight on product safety! See how the Consumer Product Safety Committee is making changes to further verify the safety of consumer products and learn what steps we take to keep Crestline’s products safe and compliant with all product safety standards. Why is product safety so important to us? When you order promotional products from Crestline, we know that it is our duty to make sure that the items that you purchase help to represent your brand in a way that is true to what you stand for. One of the ways that we do this is by making sure that the products that we provide you with are compliant with social, environmental, and product safety standards. We are here to enhance your reputation by providing you with products that will add value to your brand and not diminish it. When you shop with us, we protect … Read More

5 Ways to Use Extra Promotional Giveaways

If you have ordered promotional products before, you probably know that the more you buy, the more you save. Since we often deal with large quantities, our pricing model is divided into price breaks based on the amount of items you buy. The more you purchase the better per item rate you receive. The rates and savings vary from item to item, but the general idea is the same; buy more, save more. But is there such thing as too many promotional products? It is not always easy to figure out the right quantity of items to order but many would agree that when it comes to gaining valuable exposure for your brand, too much is better than not enough. So what do you do when you come home from an event or trade show with leftover promotional products? Here are 5 things to do when you order too many … Read More

Protect Your Important Documents with Anti-Fraud Ink

  Security and Identity protection continue to be growing concerns for the American population as cases of identity theft and other personal security breaches become more and more common. Criminals have found intelligent ways to take your personal information and use it to their own advantage. One problem area that has led to compromised bank accounts and fraudulent spending is check fraud. Criminals are able to use chemicals to erase ink from your personal checks and change check dates, amounts and who the check was made out to all without damaging the check. This same method can be used to erase ink from other legal documents and prescription pads as well. If you work in an industry where fraudulent activity could take place by removing written information from paper documents, Anti-Fraud Ink could be valuable to your security and credibility. What is Anti-Fraud Ink and how can it protect you? … Read More

Promotional Products Work! Week - 911 Communication Center

Promotional Products Work! Week – Day 5 Pend Oreille County 911 Communication Center is a group that handles the 911 emergencies and non-emergency calls for legal, fire, and medical emergencies for residents and visitors to Pend Oreille County, WA. Every year, their 911 center attends numerous public functions in the community to teach the public about the 911 system. They educate children, the local workforce, government agencies and other businesses as well as visitors to the community. Their goal is to help the community understand how critical it is to be prepared for an emergency and to always know their location (emergency professionals cannot help if they don’t know where you are). The Value Drawstring Backpack is a great carry-all for all the educational items we give away. It is reusable and convenient for adults and children alike.  It is a good personal bag for traveling and it is great … Read More

Promotional Products Work! Week—WCU Nursing Department

Promotional Products Work! Week – Day 4 The School of Nursing at Western Carolina University has a program that is committed to recruiting nurses from rural areas of Western North Carolina and providing them with scholarships so they can continue their nursing education. This department works in conjunction with a large local hospital. Crestline was recommended highly to this department of WCU by other offices around campus, so they began shopping with us for healthcare giveaways that they could use for their Nurse’s Week celebration. They needed to keep imprint area in mind throughout their product search because they had a large imprint to accommodate. They needed to include to include WCU’s logo, the hospital’s logo, and their campaign message, “Celebrate Nurses!” In addition, they also needed to make sure that a member from each organization that they were representing approved of the chosen item. This presented a challenge because it ruled … Read More

Promotional Products Work! Week—The Library Network

Promotional Products Work! Week – Day 3 The Library Network is a public library cooperative serving 73 libraries in southeast Michigan. Their mission is to provide and facilitate quality services developed through the collaboration of our member libraries. We are funded by the state and by our member libraries. We provide a shared library catalog and book/media transfers between all of our member libraries. The Library Network has several committees which make decisions on behalf of its members. One of the committees is the Technology Committee, which holds a Technology Forum on the first Friday of October every year. This year, the Technology Forum developed new branding and as a way to share it, they decided to allocate part of their budget to custom stylus pens for all who attended the forum. When originally looking into custom pens, they liked the idea of having a pen with a stylus on the … Read More

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